Criticizing the press

You are the one pissing and moaning about it, show me something comparable from Obama to Trump’s enemy of the people attack. I know Obama used to get ticked off at Fox, but I don’t remember anything rising to the level of “enemy of the people”. That is serious ■■■■ and a threat to democracy.

I understand and i still argue that Bush was treated unfairly by the press. More unfairly than Donald. So much of what is in the press today is of the Presidents own making

Obama wasn’t constantly (every day) criticizing FOX or any other news outlet. Obama never referred to the media as “fake news” until this current jackass came to be president. If Obama is dissing FOX now, then I think it’s OK because he’s a private person (not being in government)

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Damn that’s dumb.

It’s bad for the president to say this. This should be obvious.

Are we supposed to look to you or dear leader Trump as shining examples of people capable of taking criticism?


Damn that’s very conservative.

Nope its true.

Criticizing the press, even name calling them, is a first amendment right. Why does so much of the media not support the first amendment?

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Because the 1ST applies to the govt, not private businesses.

The president is using his first amendment rights, and then the press is using theirs back. Cool!

Where do you get your “facts” from?

Facts are a conservatives enemy.

You could just as easily ask ‘‘what is reality’’

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The Senate, in a bipartisan vote, said Trump is full of ■■■■ for calling the press the enemy of the people. Nit pick away.

It’s not the president threatening the democracy. Granted he is using and axe on the press when he should be using the scalpel. The main culprit is the agencies being lumped together as the press. The laziness in the press not to differentiate and distance themselves from these scoundrels are the culprits who threaten our democracy.

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100 Senators signed a document proclaiming their vassalage to the press.

Does that include Fox News?

well, some people are in bunkers thinking that Donald Trump is the last great hope for the Christian white male. once people realize that it makes it way more understandable why they would trash the media (except for Fox News and Rush of course). I mean minorities and gays took away sports and entertainment and women. the only thing left for a good man is power/money. These are desperate times.

Yeah, I know how crazy that sounds. Is it definitely true for some people though.