Critical Race Theory Question

To further the purpose of banning CRT from schools and rooting out subversive threats to the youngs, the Texas Public Policy Foundation put out this helpful list of words and phrases to be on the lookout for:

It includes such terms as “colonialism,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” “identity,” and “ethnocentrism,” which—presumably—should tip off eagle-eyed patriots to the presence of horrendous evil—a slippery slope that leads to black revenge and rivers flowing with blood and corpses. As leading FOX spokesman Tucker Carlson asked, "How do we save this country before we become Rwanda?” Maybe this kind of BOLO list is the part of the answer.

Do you think this guide is helpful? Do you think, for example, that history teachers should avoid these words and phrases?

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You really think history teachers should avoid the word “colonialism”?

in these contexts yes. history should be taught as history. not as part of some wokey pseudo-intellectual anti-white movement


In what contexts should history teachers teaching American or European history of the last 500 years or so avoid the word “colonialism”?

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the word can be used just not in the crt context.

the list has words that are crt suspects. i dont believe is says not to use the words.

I, personally, love reading about the original 13 hamlets.

History cancelled, again. Because libz.


It’s insane.

Today’s New GOP is passing or pushing for laws banning “CRT” discussions in classrooms.

These laws carry with them the threat of financial penalty.

These laws are also vaguely written and pretty much will open school districts and other government agencies to the threat of legal action if they mention anything even close to the context of these words.

The goal is to freeze out any discussion of race…period.

All it’s going to do is increase financial burdens on schools that are strapped already…sapping resources that could be used for better educational outcomes.

Unintended Consequences?

Or Intended?


Today’s Right: complains about “Cancel Culture”.

Also Today’s Right: uses government power to control what’s taught in the classroom by banning things.


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Be on the lookout for the evils of anti-racism! Wow.

Sounds bad, unless you know what it means, as in you are either an anti-racist or a racist.

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Where does it say that you’re either a racist or an anti-racist?

Lol, sorry, not an idiot.

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What’s the definition of “colonialism”?

So like most of the current CRT craze, you’ve erected a mighty straw man to attack. Enjoy.

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This shows exactly what I’ve been talking about.

Everything is bundled under CRT… to the point that you cannot teach black history effectively.


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not quite…

ban teaching anti-white racism

it shows how it’s really the non-left who are the progressives

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anti-WHITE racism

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