Crime statistics in America + Identifying factual trends. Discussion of police and race

I’m assuming that everyone saw the video of this particular interaction in Minneapolis. I would also assume that we all can agree what the cop did was likely 2nd degree murder. The cop needs to got to jail. When something like this happens there are always knee jerk reactions and comments assessing the sociological realities of an incident. I think we can also agree that how a media outlet reports on an issue can be misleading and erroneously skew perceptions. Is there any left leaning person here who thinks Fox News reports accurately on immigration?

What I am looking for here is statistical/factual discussion on the whole picture regarding all police interactions (as best as possible) and from that how to identify the real trend from that data.

This was one source I found:

“Of the 1,146 and 1,092 victims of police violence in 2015 and 2016, respectively, the authors found 52 percent were white, 26 percent were black, and 17 percent were Hispanic.”

Here was another source I found, it’s not the most recent as it is from 2016:

Roughly 52.2% of the arrests were Non-Hispanic White, with 26.9% were black. If I go with the data from these sources then the ratio of white deaths by cops and black death by cops seems to be virtually 1:1? Has anyone else ever looked at this statistically to verify any specific trend?

In One Year, 57,375 Years of Life Were Lost to Police Violence

What a ■■■■■■■■ headline.

But it’s the Atlantic, so I’m not surprised.

Clearly it’s very misleading.

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Are we having a discussion or dunking on the El Em Ess Em? I’m cool with a discussion.

Not sure I like how those statistics are structured, personally. While the majority of police brutality incidents may have been toward those of caucasian descent, it doesn’t speak to the ratio of total peaceful to violent police/caucasian interactions.

I’m not sure I follow. Look if someone asked me if a statistically higher portion of blacks were killed in altercations with cops than whites I would say yes. But after looking at the data I found that looks to be false. I’m looking for what others have found.

Most departments have a Internal Affairs. These guys should be doing audits. They could take officers, put them in a rental car and wire them up for audio and video. Call in a complaint to dispatch and monitor the responding police officers actions. They could even tell the driver how they want him to act. Then they could evaluate the responding officers actions. If the police officers never knew who they were stopping, maybe legitimate, or maybe a plant by IA, something tells me they would act completely different.

We would need more data. It is a complex discussion.

At first glance you could say that AA are only 13% of the population but “commit” 26% of the crimes. But being arrested doesn’t mean you actually committed a crime. Also how do you determine police bias?

Are Black people targeted more?

Need to move away from percentages and talk raw numbers.

But it is a very complex problem to unpack

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My methodology here was to consider figures of arrests vs. deaths. Reason being an arrest involves a fair degree of actual physical interaction. By no am I considering what I’ve done here comprehensive. Also the data is from 2016.

While this case was disgusting behavior, are we sure this was due to racism or is that an assumption? Let’s be completely honest about the situation. Just because one is white and the other is black doesn’t automatically equal racism. This cop is married to a Hmong woman. Sound like a racist? I think more than likely, he had an ego the size of Minnesota and let the power trip impact his decision making. He wouldn’t listen to people suggesting he let up off of this guy’s neck and I think it’s clear he’ll rightfully face charges.

Why do I think this way? If you look at 2019 statistics, police shot and killed 1,004 people. 370 were white, 230 were black, 158 were Hispanic. 9 of those were unarmed and black. 2 were fleeing the scene by car, 4 by foot. 3 were not fleeing. Out of the 3, one was actively fighting with an officer after a vehicle hit and run , in one case, the officer was charged with murder (Aaron Dean) and the third was threatening to kill officers. In the same year, 9 white people that were unarmed were shot by police.

I’m really tired of the ASSUMPTION going straight to racism. Sometimes, they’re just power hungry jerks that really don’t care about the race. For the most part, police are decent human beings, but like everywhere, some aren’t good people.

If people were REALLY worried about blacks being murdered, they would do some reflection and realize that more than 90% of the black people killed each year are murdered by other blacks. For 2018, 7,407 victims were black while 6,088 were white. Meanwhile, 15% of the murders of whites were committed by blacks. Interestingly enough, a large portion remain unsolved, though a large majority of those are in the black community where talking to the police is an issue.

Ultimately, I’m sick of the automatic assumption of racism in a police involved shooting. Hell, there have been instances of blacks being shot by a black cop and it’s STILL accompanied with the assumption of racism.



Who you are married to and who you are friends with does not automatically make you “not racist.”

Racists also have egos the size of United States.

There is more to unpack here but on the surface… 13% black and 23% of police shootings. 78% white and 37% of police shootings.

It’s not without merit. Unconscious bias could be a play here “black is bad”

You were doing so well… until this.You rail on assumptions but then you go to ASSUME that black people aren’t worried about black on black crime.

Guess what, since races tend to live around their race… that is also were that races crimes tend to take place. White on white crime is high too.

Remember the proportions of the gen pop. Black people are 13% of the population.

And it’s not even arrested. It’s “detained” and questioned to provoke an arrest.

True, but it’s a pretty good indicator that one isn’t racist towards that race.

I’ve never seen rioting against drug dealers, etc on the news.

  1. If you’re really a racist, you don’t marry other races. Your assumption is flat out wrong. YES, if I’m married to a black woman, it’s very clear I’m not a racist.
  2. 13% black and 23% of the shootings… where’s the number of murders committed vs shootings? Oh yes, 49% black.
  3. Unconscious bias is just a buzz word that is not quantifiable, therefore not disputable. This is nonsense the left has created because REAL racism is easily proven wrong. Now, they have to go to “Well, you’re a racist, you just don’t know it.” It’s pathetic.
  4. When was the last riot to protest black on black crime? Where is the NAACP when it comes to the massive number of blacks murdering other blacks? Why are they focused heavily on 1 murder every few years by a cop and they flat out ignore thousands of them within their own communities?
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Wrong. Who you marry has nothing to do with whether you are racist.

Just like having a fat wife doesn’t mean that you don’t degrade other fat women for being fat.

Cognitive Dissonance is a thing

So all of the black people shot were committing murders? Not sure what your data means in the context of my statement

But it’s a real thing whether you believe it not

You would first have to prove that the NAACP doesn’t care about black on black crime. That’s like assuming a doctor doesn’t care about brain cancer because they only treat breast cancer.

Bad assumption. “Ignores” lol.

Riots are to get the power structure to SEE something they would not otherwise SEE.

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Wonder what most of these people were doing shortly before they were killed.
Would that make a difference?

  1. Racists don’t marry into races they hate. It’s not that complex.
  2. Again, not terribly complex. 49% of the murders in this country are committed by blacks, yet the police shootings are 23% against blacks. Since their murder rate is elevated, wouldn’t it stand to reason their rate of being shot by police would be elevated? Violence is often met with violence. Here’s another fun stat: 27% of people arrested are black. For murder, it’s 53.1%. Rape, 28%. Robbery 54%. Aggravated assault, 33.5%. Violent crime overall, 37.5%. Yet, they make up 23% of the people shot. Does that show a bias when it comes to shooting or does it show that even with more interactions, less are shot? This is just flat out a false narrative. There is a clear problem in the black community with violence, yet all we hear about is one guy is a racist because he killed a black guy. In this case, the cop was in the wrong in my opinion and I believe he’ll be charged with a crime. Doesn’t make him a racist.
  3. It is NOT real. It’s made up nonsense to keep the “You’re racist” narrative alive.
  4. Seriously? What do they do to stop it? The NAACP ONLY exists to stop police shootings of blacks? Seems their mission statement would disagree with that. As to the riots… NO, that’s NOT what they’re for. It’s a bunch of criminals using a legitimate protest to loot and steal. A PROTEST gets the power structure to see what they aren’t seeing. When it turns violent, it’s no longer a legitimate exercise of power. It’s not criminal behavior and the participants should be arrested, jailed and fined for damages caused.

It certainly does. For instance, out of the 3 unarmed black men, not fleeing the police that were killed in 2019, one had just committed a hit and run, then was fighting with the cop for his gun. A second was shot and murder charges against the cop were filed. The third was threatening to kill the police and stepped out on his front door step making threats and last I heard, if you scare a cop while he’s got a gun pointed at you with sudden movements… your chances of being shot are extremely high. :wink: