Crime statistics in America + Identifying factual trends. Discussion of police and race

According to Whites in USA make up 76% of the population and blacks make up 13%

That works out to a much higher % for blacks per capita.

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They don’t commit violent crime at those rates, so unless we think cops are going around killing people at random you don’t break it down by raw population.

That’s ridiculous.

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Cognitive dissonance

Also can I marry a White woman and be racist toward Mexicans?

No, it’s not. You’re using the term wrong. One of the things that makes racism racism is the consistency of the belief.

I already addressed that above.


If Floyd was white it wouldn’t be national news and many of us would never heard about it.

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Cognitive dissonance.

You can also be racist towards one race while marrying another.

How many of those 49% are caught in the act of murdering? What is the correlation between being a suspected murderer and being shot by the police?

I don’t see a correlation there, unless all 49% are caught in the act of murder or immediately fleeing a murder scene.

Uh what?

We heard about the white woman the cop shot in the same city.

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Yes…because the shooter was black.


And when whites are shot by cops…what does headline say sometimes?

White man commits suicide by cop…or something to that effect.

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Who says racism has to have a consistent expression or target?

Can’t I express racism towards Mexicans but not express that same racism towards Asians?

My father in law loves his grandkids (my kids). He would die for them. He last said two weeks ago “I’m glad you didn’t give them names like daquan and shaniqua” while talking to his daughter, my wife.

I told him how ignorant and borderline racist that was and his response was “I didn’t know, I thought it was funny”

So I guess there is a difference between being racist and doing/saying racist things.

Sociology. The definition of the word. It’s in the word. I’m not sure I understand your question.

“Don’t kill innocent black people.”
“The lives of black people matter as much as any other lives”

Not very complex at all.

I already addressed that in my reply above.

So you assumed it was racist? You took it that way?

Yes, there are differences - consistancy is one of them.

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A racist believes his race is superior to others. Why on earth would a racist marry another race?

Way to miss the point. It’s the elevated violent behavior that invites police action. Additional police action increases your chances of being shot. Even with more arrests, they’re still less likely to be shot than whites.

As to the link to Vanderbilt, that’s just hilarious. YES, we KNOW Liberals believe that nonsense. Doesn’t make it true. They have convinced an entire generation that they’re racist because very little ACTUAL racism still exists. . . I’ll tell you what though, every time you have a riot and burn stuff to the ground, we risk going backwards.

What was confusing on the last part? You think riots are a legitimate petition to government for wrongs? Sounds very dangerous and no way to run a country to me.

For the left ALL encounters between a black person and white person in which the black person is the victim is defacto considered racism. And whenever it’s the other way around it’s never racism.


I don’t think that there’s any way of knowing that, statistics can only be compiled on what is being reported.

6% of the population commits over 50% of the crimes. Where’s the outrage?

What purpose would this serve other than picking and choosing who to call a racist?
Maybe racism is not so prevalent as the libs would have us believe?