Crackpot Conspiracy Theorist Running House dimocrat Leadership (pelosi)

So why, in your informed opinion, does Trump blame the United States for our poor relationship with Russia?

The United States is to blame for our poor relations with Russia. Obama is at fault, and we’re going to fix everything Obama destroyed. Who are we to tell Russia what they can and can’t do in their sphere of influence in the world. I say we mind our own business and let Russia do what Russia wants to do. It is their backyard after all.

I heard that a lot of those areas used to be part of Russia. I don’t care if they take back what is rightfully theirs.

So for the sake of argument, let’s say the pee tape is real, and there is actual video footage of the president of the United States peeing on a prostitute, or whatever. You think he would just shrug and say, “Well, the American people already think I’m a ‘Sexual Deviant and Pig,’ so go ahead and release the tape.” Really?

Why yes, that was a really stupid remark, how is it “selling out American interests” though?

That isn’t what the Pee tape was said to be. It was Trump when he WAS NOT president watching to women pee on a bed.

The United States used to be interested in holding Russia accountable for their actions and allying with European countries, for example, to counter Russian influence. But I guess you’re right. With Trump in charge, our interests have changed to protecting Trump, punching liberals, and second guessing our intelligence community.

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Whatever. The details of the alleged tape don’t interest me.

Liberals or democrats using that line just slays me.

Why is that?

I don’t have an informed opinion on Trumps foreign policy strategy. For all I know he is taking Obama’s “blame us” approach.

Trump has taken that strategy up a notch. I remember when Republicans thought it was the wrong approach to foreign policy.

Does the entire left have Alzheimers or what?

Oh, it’s whataboutism. I’m not supposed to criticize Trump because some Democrats have criticized Republicans for the same in the past?

The intelligence community dropped the ball by letting Russia meddle in our elections. You expect that they’re going get anything right now? They’re just another part of our dysfunctional government. They never do anything right. We would be better off outsourcing to private companies.

It was and is the wrong approach. But, I don’t have to buy into the “Trump is a Russian stooge” conspiracy to recognize that fact.

Good idea. I bet Trump knows some [quote=“calirepub, post:34, topic:7387”]
They never do anything right. We would be better off outsourcing to private companies.

Agreed. Privatizing everything is our only hope now.

But your assumption that he peed on them was wrong.
So your whole question was irrelevant because you assumed the wrong thing.

And honestly what Trump enjoys in his Bed and Sex life as long as it isn’t illegal is not an issue for me.
If he likes to watch women pee on beds, that doesn’t effect how he runs the country.
Anymore than Clinton getting a BJ in the Oval Office or playing with Cigars.

I would on one hand argue that America would never have elected him if they knew he enjoyed that kind of thing.
On the other hand, I’d argue the opposite was true.

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That’s why I’m asking you. Republicans were apoplectic over the so-called Obama apology tour. Trump complained about it during the campaign, and Republican voters were relieved to have a real man in the White House who wouldn’t apologize for American exceptionalism. So what would possess Trump to do exactly what he and his voters complained about when it comes to Putin? Why do you think Trump blames America?

Please people knew who Trump was he was on Howard Stern show all the time.
So I think he would have gotten elected even if they knew it was true.