Crackpot Conspiracy Theorist Running House dimocrat Leadership (pelosi)

I’m sure nancy, or anybody, just one person will be glad to provide some evidence of this.

I’ll wait.

They even had crackpot “journalists” asking putin about this directly at the joint press conference. putin said “nyet”.

Nancy is just playing off the leftist belief that Russia has a “pee pee” tape. For some odd reason, the truly devoted are fascinated with this idea…some form of golden fetish they’ve got going on.

And if they have a Pee Tape? So he is into watersports, we already know he cheats on his wives we already know he is a pig of a man. It isn’t going to change anyones minds of him one way or the other.

Well their is a crackpot conspiracy theorist running the White House. So I guess fair is fair.


Honestly, I think the obsession goes deeper than painting Trump as a creep.

Why do you think Trump blames the United States for poor relations between the two countries?

Yes, the country is being run by moronic conspiracy theorists. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I don’t understand why the USA and Russia having a good relationship is a bad thing. We’re basically brothers from another mother. Similar history and everything. I was told that the first Americans were actually from Russia! They migrated during an ice age when there was a land bridge connecting the continents.

Obviously his superior intellect allows for an understanding of things well beyond my feeble capabilities. You should ask him, not some commoner on an internet chat board.

Yeah, selling them all that uranium (even if it never actually happened) was actually a good thing…

Yep. It was a good thing. Trump made that deal, and all of us are benefiting because of it.

Judging by what Trump said and how he was acting, I’d agree that Russia has SOMETHING on Trump.

There are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy theories, believing Obama was born in Kenya, something that was in his own author bio, versus believing the President is being controlled by Russia and that the Republican congress is ok with it, is a whole 'nuther level of nutty.

I disagree, I’d rather have a ■■■■ relationship with Russia…like the good old days. Good old fashion air-raid drills in school…that’s what these kids need nowadays to keep their noses out of their phones.

Well you seem pretty informed and apparently know for sure that this pee tape thing is bogus, so I thought I’d ask if you know why Trump is selling out US interests to Russia anyway. I’m not much into conspiracies and I’ve never bought this one, but Trump’s behavior is truly bizarre.

We don’t want to poke the bear. While I don’t think we have much to fear from them militarily, they have the best cybers in the world.

Huh? Did he fly them a plane full of money when I wasn’t looking?

Ok sow if the Pee tape is real what does that change?
Besides strengthen that Trump is a Sexual Deviant and Pig which people already know.

I’m about as sure that the pee tape doesn’t exist as I am about Obama not being born in Kenya.

No, he said that the United States is to blame for poor relations with Russia, among other stupid things. I’m not sure what Obama’s perceived mistakes have to do with Trump’s deplorable statements.