Covid Lockdowns Causes More Harm Then the Virus does on Your Health and Mind. MSM Silent

Have you noticed anything lately while your flipping the news channel to CNN/MSNBC while they are blaming Trump for not ordering a lockdown that would last four to six months?

These liberal news networks and their so “Health experts” have not stated anything on the negative impact when a lockdown happens.

And what it does to your health or mind for that matter they think that a lockdown that lasts for four months or six will help save lives yet.
They fail to realize the emotional and other health risks that a lockdown can cause.

I have heard horror stories from Wuhan’s six month’s lockdown. In Italy it was even worse a small town nearly revolted after they ran out of food and essential products in their markets.

Is this what the democrats and media wants?

Its not surprising to see big leftist comic creators and other liberals criticizing Trump for not having a massive lockdown like China or Italy :roll_eyes:
Personally a lockdown wouldn’t do anything good expect destroy the economy

As long as people follow the guidelines with physical distancing and face cloth wear you should be fine but i am agaisnt lockdowns.

Look at the headlines.

Italy rules out new lockdown as coronavirus cases rise

The Italian government is not considering new lockdown to curb coronavirus infections, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said in a newspaper interview on Sunday, despite a steady rise in new cases over the past month.

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A national mandate to wear a mask while grocery shopping is not a lockdown.
Nobody is calling for a lock down.

As for the media, I’m not shocked that they are reporting on the actual deaths that are happening rather than reporting about an Italian revolt that didn’t happen months ago.


Nobody is calling for a lock down.

Liberals are and so was Biden a few weeks ago or so.

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No they didn’t.

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Good luck enforcing a national mandate to wear a mask while grocery shopping.

Joe Biden meanwhile defends the rioters without saying who they are.

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Because of course the BLM supports Biden.

The Italian revolt actually did happen in a small town not much of a revolt but it was to the gov.

As for the media, I’m not shocked that they are reporting on the actual deaths

You misunderstood me on that one. The media is ignoring and isnt reporting on the emotional impact caused by the “LOCKDOWNS” Which they are also ignoring the suicides caused by the lockdowns.


The Tricky Issue With Knowing How Many Are Dying From COVID-19 in India



A relative reacts as others, including a health worker, lower the body of a man who died from COVID-19 for burial at a graveyard in New Delhi, May 6, 2020. Photo: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui.

When we reduce the many stories of a pandemic to blocks of data, it is the death numbers which form the cold hard edge of this data. And yet, counting the dead is simple neither in theory nor in practice. Tracking COVID-19 deaths presents particular challenges not least because of how the disease interacts closely with other serious health conditions, termed comorbidities. Experts tell us that we are almost certainly underestimating COVID-19 deaths, but by how much? I’ll examine a story of ‘missing deaths’ in Maharashtra. First, some wider context.

One thing is certain: the scale of the global pandemic is not captured by reported COVID-19 fatalities. One province in Ecuador recorded 245 official COVID-19-related deaths and 40-times as many additional deaths in one 45-day period. These include, perhaps, the COVID-19 patient who commits suicide, the cancer patient unable to get to hospital, and the victim of domestic violence confined with an abuser. In India, we might add the migrant worker who dies of exhaustion walking home during lockdown. If the goal is to reconstruct the broad narrative of the pandemic, then it is crucial to consider all of the above deaths."

The variations in bloating or trimming death by Covid worldwide make any statistical comparisons between countries death rates meaningless.

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Same in France. They won’t consider a 2nd lock.

I wasn’t referring to the covid deaths i was talking about the suicides which had happened but MSM arent talking about.

Here you go, took me seconds to locate these stories that are NOT covering the mental health impact of COVID 19

I only tend to watch CNN in the evenings and there has been plenty of discussion about the mental health impact.



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Here’s another example of the failure of lockdowns:

Not sure how government crippling of an economy is supposed to improve the outcome for those who test positive.

Here is a less radical alternative:

Gateway Pundit??? You seriously think thats a reputable source?

How is Dr. Fauci a quack doctor?


Are there as many suicides from Covid “lock-down” as there are from our military vets?

There’s not going to be any lockdown. Trump and his people had their chance to bat and they just stood still in the batters box.

The damage is done I’m afraid.

One thing is clear. Covid truthers are worse than trade center truthers.

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No they are not.

Look, from the point of view of someone who studied psychology, these kinds of horrific tragedies have long lasting effects on the psyche of all of us. My kid is 25 years old, he still talks about how 9/11 had such a long lasting effect on him and his friends. How they were scared all the time. I did my best to talk with him and be honest with him, but it still did a number. Now this…he feels like his lifetime so far has been one cluster ■■■■ after another.

Depression is a difficult thing to deal with. It leads to anxiety, it leads to self medicating with Drugs and Alcohol, until things get bad. If anyone has depression, feels despair, or hopelessness, reach out to people, talk to your doctor. Get help. Don’t try to go through it alone.

I have always been pretty self assured, self reliant, and had strong ego strength. This thing is taking it’s toll on me. The easy thing would be to come home from work and have a few scotches, or bourbons, or a six pack of beer. But I know where that can lead. Fight the urge to self medicate…get help.

ISOLATION has kicked our asses on this. Don’t blame the media, don’t blame liberals, don’t blame Trump, blame the damn virus. We have this national crisis like we did in 2001…and instead of pulling together, rallying together, we have attacked each other and blamed each other…There is no feeling of unity in this country. We need to get that back…or hopelessness, and despair will win out.