Covid isn't working anymore- we need a new disease

freedom isn’t working for the world’s leftists… have to unite under the iron fist of WHO world government to make certain this “new and improved” (which hasn’t appeared yet) super deadly virus only infects those who would dare question the authority of the WHO…

the sky is falling…


It makes sense that plans are made for a pandemic. Not sure what is so controversial about that.

With more people traveling than ever before and global travel so easy obviously a plan on a global scale is required to combat a future pandemic.


Global War on Pandemics :wink:


World government!

Ah, the Conservative 2 step.

To prepare for a pandemic is pave the way for the “iron fist”.

And when the pandemic arrives to find governments unprepared? Well, government doesn’t work.

It’s really quite a con. A Con con, if you will.


There will soon be a vaccine to protect you from disease X. It will be so effective that nobody will ever contract it.

Of course, you’ll still be threatened by disease Y, but don’t worry about that just now.

It’s smart to start preparing for the next one. I really hope we’re not gonna get some society-wide survivorship bias against pandemic mitigation.

Wonder what Pfizer stock will do tomorrow?

Better get those mail in ballots sent out now! And remember everyone how bad bad bad Trump did handling Covid!!!


We might get exactly that based on how the last one was handled.

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We fight them over there so we don’t have to fight the cold here.


This could be the worst cold anybody has ever gotten ever!


Is there any lethality of virus that could make you say yes we need to shut down the country? Or regardless of how many people are dying or what its effects are would you say individuals need to make their own decisions.

Not a trick question, genuinely interested in the perspective.


I’m ready.

looks like WHO, the Davao elitists and Chinese are working on the disease of all diseases. Population control will wipe out most of the world… Lets Go WHO. Lets Go Davao, Lets go World Order, Lets go Brandon (and the puppet masters pulling his strings, Lets Go Chinese Communist Party and the Bat Lady.

Why are 1500 Americans still dying from COVID every week? Why are 1,500 Americans still dying from COVID every week? - ABC News

Covid is still working great!

If the chinese create the new pandemic? If the Davao global elitists are part of the problem? Give me a ■■■■■■■ break.

Covid is here to stay. It is not that leathal any longer. You are parroting the hype. Take Ivermectin for seven days, maybe that will help.

Why are 1500 Americans still dying from COVID every week?

I have no idea, heart disease, blood clots, or other diseases that may have been from the previous covid vaccines, maybe old age, fentenayl poisining, other man made or natural deaths.