COVID fascists on display

because outright banning (all) Republicans just for being Republicans would hit the membership too hard for one thing

so they just ban influential ones

thanks for your opinion on this matter

Without context this is meaningless. Also since when did you trust anything out of Schumer’s mouth? And what’s with the “upchuck” thing… did you post this from a 10 year old’s youtube account?

Yet the biggest platforms on Facebook are Republican, they are doing a bad job at banning the influential ones.

i was thinking twitter more than FB

No problem, bud! Let me know if you need to borrow some tinfoil. :wink:

LMFAO secret police deep state, dude take off the tinfoil.

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why is it so important for dis-information to be spread to the public regarding covid and vaccinations? who stands to gain from that?

I had a Jewish friend growing up whose father escaped as a child on the last train from Vienna right before the Germans took over the country. The people in Vienna thought that people leaving was a paranoid overreaction. Most who stayed behind did not survive the war.

The US government is blatantly enforcing censorship and labeling opposing views as disinformation. That is what authoritarian governments do.

That is the way Putin’s Russia and Communist China operate. It was the way fascist states in the 1930s operated as well.


So our government was authoritarian under Trump because he kept calling things “fake news”?

Do you try to make stupid comparisons or do you just don’t understand the difference between calling something you think false and censoring something you think is false?

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The FBI and CIA worked for four years to spread lies and disinformation in their efforts to take down the elected President.

Now we have a puppet-in-chief who has questionable ability to control his own bladder much less overriding anything of importance from the surveillance state.

The Biden administration is working to censor any real criticism of its policies. This censorship has to have at least tacit support from the FBI/CIA/NSA.

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Well the US government isn’t enforcing censorship and so that leaves us with “labeling opposing views as disinformation”, something Trump and many administrations before him have engaged in.

This is nothing but nonsense conspiracy theory stuff.

How many times did Facebook remove fake news or disinformation at the request of the Trump administration?

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Limiting the spread of disinformation is not the issue, targeting what the executive branch claims to be disinformation is.

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Biden made the fine-people hoax the center of his campaign. Why was he never censored for spreading disinformation?


Yet Facebook is still mostly boomers.

Looks like it’s time to tune up the guillotines …

I don’t know, why does it matter?