COVID fascists on display

It looks the Biden administration will be coercing Facebook and other social media to implement a government-imposed censorship program. Information that does not support the official party line on COVID will be labeled “disinformation” by the government and will be removed.

Jen Psaki: We have increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s Office. We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation . . .

For full context see video at 17:15 or video in twitter link below.

Meanwhile in France massive protests erupted in many cities around the country yesterday in response to the government’s plans to implement mandatory vaccinations. Crowds shouted “freedom” in French as they went down the streets. Police fired tear gas in some cases. The protests got little attention in the US media.

Are the US and France moving towards Fascism to end free speech and civil rights in the name of protecting people from COVID?

Is there any reason to believe that the US restrictions of free speech will be limited to COVID in the longer term?

Are forced vaccination programs on their way to the US?


not sure you know what the word fascism means.


why is it so important for some to get dis-information out to the public about covid and or vaccinations?

do we really need more “it makes you magnetic” nuttery spreading around?

If you want to create your own website full if disinformation on COVID, the government won’t stop you.

facebook and twitter are extensions of the democrat party. no surprise


Fascism = an authoritarian regime using the union of state and corporate power.

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Having similar political stances doesn’t make one an extension of the Democratic Party.

distinction without a difference.


Why is it so important that libs uses our very own goverment to promote censorship?


You do understand that it is goverment that’s pushing this…don’t you>

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True, they may both simply be manifestations of a regime under control of the CIA.

Greenwald is an moron.

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There’s a huge difference. One implies control, the other doesn’t.

Yes. And they won’t stop you from making your own website that is filled with misinfo on covid. In fact I’m fairly certain many exist. Here’s one:

I think something like over 2 million people in France signed up for vaccinations in 48 hours after this announcement. Fascism works!

the govt obviously controls those platforms, for the clear benefit of the left and democrats


If the government control them why are the biggest platforms on Facebook mostly Republican.

Sure… no doubt controlled by Soros and the Lizard people؟

Actually, “Soros and the Lizard People” would make a good band name.

Not obvious at all. In fact its not even true.

If the president should fear the intelligence community, what chance does a private corporation have?

If you doubt that, just look at how the media buried the Hunter Biden stories right before the election. They dutifully repeated the disinformation from a letter from former intel officials and censored accurate reporting from the New York Post.