Court filing from Georgia documents problems found in Michigan

Regardless, he tweeted Biden won a few days ago.

It will all be fine.

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No it literally isn’t.

People are getting way too hung up on concessions and sound bites. It doesn’t matter what some people recognize, or who concedes or who doesn’t. The legitimate winner is certified, end of story. When Abrams said Kemp would be certified, it was an acknowledgment that she lost.

Certification is the only thing that matters. If she acknowledges that he’ll be certified, she acknowledges that he won. What am I missing?

Then don’t worry. Trump will have to acknowledge that Biden was sworn in and sits in the Oval Office.

He did? I guess I missed that. Still, he’s backtracked dozens of times since then.

That you can think they will be certified because they cheated but didn’t get caught I would imagine.

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I’m not worried.

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An acknowledgment that you lost because your opponent cheated is still an acknowledgment that you lost. The cheating part is just an excuse.

Yes, won with a caveat, which is what Stacey Abrams “conceded”

Will it though? Trump and the GOP are doing a number on our democracy.

Sure it will. There is no “our democracy”. There aren’t doing anything to our republic.

The caveat is irrelevant. Every politician makes excuses for their loss.

Trump’s actions are more harmful to his party than the country in my opinion.

Maybe. It isn’t harming the country at all.

Harmful to the party is kind of hard to justify when he just had the highest vote total in republican history and the 2nd highest of all time.

I mean his actions since the election. How is convincing a large number of Republicans that our elections are unfair helping the party? How many will sit out the next election?

Don’t republicans win when the turn out is lower?

He has been saying they were rigged since before he won, remember millions of illegals voting? Didn’t seem to reduce turnout.

Remember Russia?

Yes, but Trump is lowering confidence specifically with Republicans. I assume most Democrats aren’t losing faith in our elections based on Trump’s tweets.