Court filing from Georgia documents problems found in Michigan

Here are some highlights from a court filing in Georgia that raise big red flags for the credibility of the Michigan numbers:

  1. Key parts of the Dominion / Premier Election Management system use unprotected logs, which allows an attacker to change results, which the machine logs as election events. When the log is unprotected, it can be modified as well.

  2. The reported glitch in Antrim County is likely to have repeated elsewhere.

  3. Number of presidential votes cast in some locations exceeds the number of estimate voters by 101 to 350%.

  4. Huge spikes in the vote count exceed the processing capacity of the voting machinery, which points to manual adjustments of the vote totals.

  5. Many areas of Wayne County show 100% turnout.

I expect additional documentation is coming as suits continue to be filed.

Looks like a strong case for tampering or fraud, at least in Michigan.


Keep the faith.


This is from the complaint filed by Lin Wood

Another court filing to add to the pile of losers.

I did a quick check of Russell Ramsland and found that he is a Texas Tea Party member who for years has been spreading deep state conspiracy theories. And a whole bunch are about voter fraud. And that whole bunch have been debunked many times.


If you look hard enough you can find seemingly unsavoury characteristics of anyone. St Francis used to be found sometimes walking around completely naked. So nothing he says should be taken seriously, I guess.

Poisoning the well is a rhetorical device but a logical fallacy

Denied is not debunked.


deserves repeating. the leftist don’t seem to get this

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Not surprising really. It was pretty obvious what Trump was going to try to do as he was trying to claim “FRAUD!!!” even weeks before the first vote was cast. That’s one of the problems with having a president who has an imagination good enough to come up with all these wacky conspiracy theories - they are in a position that normally lends credibility to the office holder. Thus, when he starts spouting these wacky conspiracy theories, people actually believe them - and since they come from the president, that gives credibility to them in the minds of those who are susceptible to these conspiracy theories.

January 20 can’t come soon enough.

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The michigan election will be certified in 4 days and this nightmare will be over


Its terrible that someone would be this far behind after the Georgia election was over, and still not concede that they lost the election. So when do you think Stacey Abrams will concede?

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“Hey look. We’re just as bad if not worse than you guys!”

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She acknowledged that Kemp won.

I doubt that Trump will ever do that.


Interesting post.

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He already did.

he did?

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He literally tweeted an hour ago about his “very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place.” He’s either delusional or scamming his supporters.

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She acknowledged that Kemp would be certified the winner, not that he won. That’s like Trump acknowledging that Biden will be sworn in, which he will have to do at some point.

Literally the same thing.

At a pizza parlor?

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No. You could be certified the winner and still not be recognized as the legitimate winner.

"I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election.
However, she declared, this was “not a speech of concession.”