Could the mods please not use mod notes to mock honored guests' posts?

I saw this and I think its inappropriate.

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Why do you think it is inappropriate and why do you assume it is mocking?

Seems to me he was giving a hint. But what do I know. :man_shrugging:

If a non-mod would have done this the post would have ended up in the slop thread. amirite :sunglasses:

I think its self-evident that responding to a user’s post that they are having a fever dream is mocking.

If you are making a note as a mod, an animated GIF is not the appropriate way to do it, imo. Animated GIFs are like jokes. I’m all fine with making joke responses and in fact wish you would stop moderating them away to the slop thread, but if you are acting in the capacity of a mod I believe you should act more professional.


Possibly. Are there mod posts in the slop thread now?

Do you? “Self-evident”? Or are you assuming ill intent and ascribing motive?

Could you please just spell out what it is we are supposed to learn from it as a Mod Note?

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What do you think the take away should be when one’s posts are referred to as a fever dream?

Did you learn anything from it? If so, what?

I think your takeaway should be to stop assuming and ascribing.

Funny. I got a COM because someone assumed and ascribed.


Actually, if you’d have done it as a mod note, it would have been gone for another reason. You’re not a mod.

OK, don’t leave me to my own assumptions then… why did post that? Why did you do it as a mod note? Why was it in the form of an animated GIF?

No I didn’t. I don’t know what we are to learn from a mod note that is nothing more than a groovy graphic that says Fever Dream.

I think the take away here is that mod notes should be clear, professional, and not used to make fun of honored guests.


Did you? Are you sure?

100%. Don’t play games with me. I’m not playing.

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Now you want to ask? My Ressentiment is high right now. My intent has been wrongfully attacked, my character wrongfully assassinated.

I’m glad you think it’s groovy.

If you didn’t learn anything from it, adjustments will have to be made. I’m pretty sure you did, though.