Could someone explain this message?

In this time of pandemic and rage at callous police brutality, the message from our president this morning to us is “CHINA!”
What does this mean? Does he still love China? Does he want us to be more like China? Is he mad at China? I don’t understand the message.

Or is it like “Squirrel!”

I often don’t understand the messages that come from this president. Please help!


No help from me, I may agree with the things he tries to do politically, but 1/2 the things that come out of his mouth…I scratch my head at.

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I’m hearing Shatner yelling "Khan!


There is no context from any of the messages around it, either.

Oh! Oh! I know this one!

It’s a perfect example of why not to bother with a politician’s social media feed. lol


Lol I had forgotten about that. :slight_smile:

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Even when there is context some of the stuff he comes out with is just word vomit.

Trump would have been a fine president in the 1800s, when they were basically unseen and unheard (compared to modern standards).

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Normally I would agree. But in this case, it automatically goes on the official White House page. Making America look like… dummies?

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It’s not as if we ever needed President Trump to help make Americans look like dummies. :wink:


I can’t help you, but it’s an obvious sign of mental instability and deterioration.

It’s just evidence of how unhinged he is.

I am going to guess from his past rants that he wants all the blame for the virus to be on China.



It means pay attention and I’m not talking about the twisted freak Jurnalists that pushed the Russian collusion lie.


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The main threat to the US is China. Fake media will take every opportunity to completely ignore the primary danger to the US by focusing entirely on whatever other legitimate concerns they feel they can twist to push their anti-Trump narrative. He’s saying, “Don’t let the Chinese collaborators take your attention off CHINA!”

Look for China’s hand in the either events or the narratives being pushed to the forefront by Chinese compromised media.

Lol thank you I needed that today!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You did. But you didn’t want it.

I can envision it being something like this:

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