Could someone explain this message?

That was meant to be a DM to Melania as a response to what they should get Don Jr. and Kim G. for a housewarming gift.

He soon realized his mistake, however, and the follow-up note, “GOLD TOILET TOO!” was sent only to the intended party.


That one’s good, but it needs more Karen for flair. Here ya go.


with all the covid problems, he was obviously complaining about using paper plates…

Clearly, this was about using the good “China” in the White House to show his love for the Chinese people. Because eating taco salad showed his love for the Mexican people. That’s how he rolls.

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“Could someone explain this message?”

Yes. It says “China!”
That’s a country in Asia.


But can he find it on a map without using a black sharpie? That’s the real question we should be asking here.

Ever considered he does it to wind up the twitterverse?

Ever consider that isn’t a function of the Executive branch, which he’s supposed to be leading?


Well, that’s mature and presidential.


I like your thinking.

Which law or regulation states that winding up the twitterverse is something the President should not or must not do?

You were told… But you have no real interest in knowing.


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Awesome thanks!

Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution clearly spells out what the President is supposed to do while in Office, in plain English. Sorry, but “winding up the twitterverse” isn’t listed. In any section. :roll_eyes:


I’m sure there are lots of things Obama did that are neither prescribed nor proscribed by the constitution.

That’s the most important thing to a good number of Trumpers …It doesn’t matter what he does or how incompetent he is…As long as he sticks it to Libs and makes Libs heads explode.

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Fortunately, Trump is the most competent President ever, so we don’t have to care how competent he is. What he does, despite the volleys of exploding Lib heads, has almost always worked out for the best for the forgotten man.

Wait …Are we on hidden camera?..We gotta be…lol.

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Not hidden. It’s possibly in your hand or pocket, or resting somewhere nearby. But you are being monitored.