Correspondents dinner Huckabee Sanders "roast" falls flat

I’m not one to shy away from harsh jokes about politicians and bureaucrats etc., some of them are well deserved, but right to their faces at a dinner the was once a source of ACTUAL humor like the old time roasts of Dean Martin and company?

Comedian Michelle Wolf doesn’t say one funny thing in roasting Sarah Huckabee Sanders and I think Sanders is a bought and paid for mouthpiece willing to lie to the world for Donald Trump, and I don’t mean twisting the truth like we expect from Whitehouse spokespersons. I mean outright lies. I get that the far left has a visceral hatred for all things Trump, but can’t they tuck it away for even a couple of hours and take the high road?

I just watched the 20 minute clip of her schtick last night. I didn’t find it funny at all.

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Yea, spectacularly un-funny. If you are going to be that raunchy, you’ve got to at least be funny. The jokes were strained, prosaic, and stupid.

She bombed.


The Comedian was not even funny .

The Comedian attacking Sanders on her looks was wrong. It wasn’t funny it was mean and Nasty spirited Roasting is suppose to be Tongue and Cheek but the Comedian was terrible at delivery.

Well the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has Jumped the Shark.

it’s about time everyone sees why Trump skips these things and how pathetic they are.

it was foul, classless, unfunny, and cringeworthy. and thats just the small part i watched. she bombed worse than Colbert did at gw’s WH CorresDinner

although i bet if she keeps the hate up enough she ll get a late night talk show


I agree she wasn’t very funny, but she shouldn’t joke about Sarah’s make-up? Roasting is supposed to be tongue in cheek? When was the last time you watched a roast?

Stop talking crap about Donald, he’s our President.

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I have watched plenty of Roasting
As I pointed out which seems you HAVE not been reading very long because you seemed to miss this in my post

Roasting is suppose to be Tongue and Cheek but the Comedian was terrible at delivery

The fact that many people in a NON Joking manner have attacked Sanders looks and weight. So that is why I think the comedian was wrong in attacking her looks.

You have had issues with Trump talking about Women’s looks but it was ok for this woman to do it in a Roast?
Sorry it doesn’t work that way especially in this “SO CALLED” ANTI-Trump comedian to do. It was mean and not in fun spirt.

If you think making fun of a woman’s make-up should be out of bounds during a roast, then I wonder what kind of roasts you’ve been watching.

Why are you being so obtuse.
It wasn’t JUST her MAKE-UP did you even Listen to the Roast or just the “Highlights”.
Just stop,
You know Delivery of the Roast is crucial when you attack a Person’s Look. This woman kept going with the look jokes when no one was laughing and the fact she had to explain a couple of them to the audience should have given you a Hint she wasn’t being Tongue in cheek.
So just stop

I love the people who continue their unapologetic support of a president who constantly fabricates stories and insults people, yet the idea of criticizing both him and his sycophants for constantly lying is somehow a bridge too far.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway deserve to be insulted for the clown show they continue to make excuses for every time a camera is pointed at them. Conway at least knows better as she made her real feelings about Trump clear before she went to work for the man. If they don’t like the backlash, perhaps find a line of work that doesn’t involve selling your soul for a bit of power and prestige.


Don’t know who she is, watched a few minutes after seeing this thread, she stinks. Couldn’t be bothered to make it to the jokes about SHS.

The classic roasts had friends and acquaintances “roasting” the guest, but always concluding their remarks with something affectionate and positive. From what little I heard, (and I’m not certain if this was typical of these dinners), this person was rude, coarse, vulgar and also the worst thing a comedian can be - not funny. There were some cutaways to the crowd and they clearly looked uncomfortable.

I caught clips of Donald Trump in Michigan and he was more on point, more entertaining, more in tune with his audience than this comedian.

She used to be on The Daily Show, she was sometimes funny in that gig.

Yeah, I’d never heard of her either.

Regardless of who was being roasted, that comedian sucked. Just plain mean and unfunny.

I thought she was shrill and unfunny –

but lulz at the folks who think a comedian should be held to a higher standard than our president.


You can’t even play youtubes on this forum of some of the “jokes” without getting demerits. That said…
-had she eased up on the p word
-been civil and funny with Sarah Sanders instead of being just hateful.
…she might have received better marks. Aside from my points above, I thought she was kinda funny … but then I’m a vulgar heathen. Libs here didn’t like her because she was not kind to libs either. They are so very thin skinned. They desperately wanted Trump to attend, to be roasted, but they are now all hurt and red from their own hit-woman.

You libs will learn… your kind eats its own.

Liberals never take the high road they are too much in the dirt with the creepy crawly worms!

And even though libs with gnat sized brains keep up the mantra of “downright lies” to the world, the World is actually responding really well to Trump. Bromance is brewing all over the globe. N & S Korea, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel to name a few all have much more tender feelings, or grudging respect for Trump that he does not get from the totally “out of touch” liberal progressive LIARS.

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