Corporate Ministries of Truth

Seems many on the the left are happy to have large monopolistic corporations be that arbiters of truth. We would hope corporations would follow American and western traditions of Free Speech but they have gone down the other road entirely. In fact they seem to have taken their CCP policy and brought it to America. The sad part is how many Americans love it. You can tell by their silence.

“I may not agree with what you say, But I will defend to the death your right to say it” is a saying attributed to one the greatest enlightenment thinkers. It was once thought to be the epitome of “progressive” thinking.

So let’s name this new phenomena… And call it the “Digital Inquisition”. And remember the original inquisition thought they were doing good. Saving souls is much more important than truth. Kind of like saving the planet today. Or stopping racism. Even if your predictions never come true, or your racists almost always turn out to be Smollett’s faking it.

That way they can continue to live in their world of lies and pretend they are oppressed somehow, thus justifying their intolerance and oppression of others.

Sadly, it’s just going to get worse. Watch the left argue this tyranny of speech is actually freedom.


What do the TOS here say?

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Are you instantly calling for censorship?

Does Hannity Forums censor?

Isn’t this by design? Conservatives are the party of business, right? Who do you think have corporations all of this power?

Remind me again who is forcing someone to use Twitter/Facebook/etc?

I’m not sure what your point is but it seems you agree they have too much power, but you want to blame conservatives for it. Ok, let say you are correct. Now what?

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Personing in this day and age.

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You did see conservative flee Twit/FB and have their alternatives shut down right? Instant censorship…


So, no one. Thanks.

They can do whatever they want, it’s their platforms. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Simple.

Crying “CENSORSHIP” is hilarious. Do you complain when people get TO’d on any message board?

Not true. It’s the same basic argument that people on welfare need a $1,000 phone.

In today’s society, is one truly a person in society without an online presence?

And “unpersoning” is what we are seeing with these tactics - deserved or not.

Erasing people from mainstream society. Stripping them of dignity and identity. Again, deserved or not.

Locked away in prison and forgotten.

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Bakery. Go down the street.


This is what I meant about many on the the left justifying corporate censorship. They just pretend conservative alternatives were not shut down instantly. To me this is cultural revolution type dysfunction and it’s really scary.

Why stop at forcing Twitter to host this content, rather than providing welfare hosting? That would solve most of these issues without infringing on private businesses.

When was this site shut down?

Well thank you for allowing us this tiny internet ghetto I guess.

Why stop at wedding cakes?

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Anyone ever hear this from any Democrat or liberal ever up until this started? They are private business, they can do whatever they want? Can’t say I have.


Glad you understand.