Coronavirus ain't all bad - March Madness cancelled

I definitely won’t miss all the stupid “bracket” nonsense that goes on this time of year. Never could get into basketball.

So it isn’t all bad with coronavirus. :smile:

I will enjoy the year off from this spectacle. :smile:


It’s quite the economic boost that will be missed though.

Yeah… i’m sure all the cities that were hosting tournament sites - all the support staff for all the venues, hotels, restaurants, bars, drivers, etc will enjoy the time off from the spectacle too.

Big players can handle all the cancellations. Airlines. Oil companies. Universities. Sports venues. Team owners.

The ones who get hurt the most are the support operations. Vendors. Janitorials. The companies that clean out the airplane bathroom holding tanks. Little guys are gonna get killed by these cancellations.

I know some people who make their living as independent musicians, playing small venues night after night. These live events are getting axed right and left.

School districts are shutting down like dominoes. In most places the teachers will continue getting paid, but bus drivers, crossing guards, cafeteria workers and other peripheral support workerts are going to get whacked.


A lot of these things I can live without. Lots of us can.

But once they stopped giving out food samples at Costco, this thing got real.


I have a perfect bracket.

I want my $1 million.

At some point, you just have to see the dark humor in all this. They just shutdown every Disney Park worldwide including all four parks at the Magic Kingdom.

As for me, life as usual, at least as usual as possible while trying to avoid the people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Last night the local WalMart had police officers handing out toilet paper.

I was trying to figure out how I would explain this to my grandkids one day.


Streaming services better be ramping up their bandwidth.

With no sports to watch, people are going to be going hog wild.

What fake news won’t tell you about the caronaviruse.

Get plenty of Vitamin C and certain forms of Vitamin D.

DON’T SMOKE, that is a factor for mortality.

Get your C and D and you will be just fine if you actually catch it.

I am not worried in the least. If I catch, I catch it.

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I almost never get either colds or flu so that makes me not worried.

I do take an ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure which I am told can slightly elevate my risk with COVID. Trying to confirm because I can always switch to something else if I have to.

Everyone knows this…stop it.

Doesn’t matter if most recover if it’s contagious enough to get to vulnerable groups.

Where were you with the stop it when fake news pushed the Russian collusion hoax?

I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried about passing it to my 72-year-old mother.

I remember the H1N1 outbreak like it was yesterday and the panic of this is a million times worse. The media isn’t helping and people on social media a doctor in particular updating their status having the Coronavirus

Day 1 Cough … Sore throat, no problems breathing
Day 2 Bad head ache, sore throat getting better
Day 3 still coughing some, throat better but I have diarreha
Day 4 seem to be getting much better

The media is loving this, and I am sorry but if something happens and this things gets much better in a few months they should be held responsible for the mass panic. I personally know two people that are thinking hard about having to close their small business because of all the hysteria they are in the red as no one is coming in to do business with them.

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the masters and boston marathon were both cancelled

Seems like some Democrats and the fake news want the American people to suffer to hurt Trump.

I agree there should be not so much panic.

HOWEVER the big mistake with H1N1 is precisely what is trying to be prevented now.

Had we done the social distancing and other things we’re doing now right from the start in 2009, the spread of that would have been lessened. We were lucky the death rate was on par with seasonal flu.

No panic…but no problem with large scale social distancing activities either.

People are funny with immediate threats…they can’t seem by and large to take a balanced approach.

It’s either outright denial or all out panic.

Wait. Didn’t they say that if you have a cold, your runny nose will flush out the covid virus, reducing your chance for contracting covid?