Coronation of King Charles III

The big day is nearly here. On Saturday we have the first coronation of a UK monarch since 1952 and the first weekend coronation since 1902.

I will of course be up at 5am to watch this because somehow my invitation got lost in the post.

The wife has agreed to dispense with my diet for this one time and I will be having a full English breakfast to celebrate. i have some decent bacon but alas not been able to find any black pudding.

As much of a Royalist as I am, I will not be standing up and swearing allegiance to the King. I already did that when I joined the military many years ago.

Will anyone else be watching?

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God save the King.

I won’t be watching because of work but I am finding this fascinating. My grandparents listened to the coronation on the radio of Queen Elizabeth way back in 1952. I’ll be reading news updates and seeing photos on my phone.

Wow technology has changed.

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Download your provider’s app and watch it live (or put it on as background noise).

Even youtube will probably cover it live.

I’m probably gonna skip it, but hey…

Break out the Stone of Scone.

I’ve got no Crown to hold me down
To make me fret, or make me frown
I was a serf, but now I’m free
There are no Crowns for me!

Also, sausage and eggs with a side of fresh orange and blueberries for the inevitable win. :us:


Geez. I thought this was done already.

Obviously I’m not a Brit or even a Pommie, so it is a meaningless event for me.

And I’ve never been a fan of Charles. And Camilla? What’s her title? Queen Concubine?

Is King Chuck married? Does she get called a Queen?

He is to Camilla and Camilla will be known as Queen consort. She holds no position of power of has any responsibilities when it comes to Parliament. Ceremonial title only though of course she will have influence.

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Who is the next heir if King Chuck (I really like his name!) dies?

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He automatically became King when QE II died, the coronation itself has no legal significance and is purely ceremonial.

Though this will be different from previous coronations in that a wide range of religious beliefs will be represented.

And my fellow countrymen get another bank holiday next Monday to celebrate the coronation.

I can understand why many Americans (and a fair few Brits) have no interest but for me I am looking forward to seeing it.

I suspect William will be in his 60’s before he ascends to the throne so it will be quite some time before we see this pageantry again.

Ha I like it and think Charles should adopt the name King Chuck and pay Sixy a royalty (boom boom).

His eldest son William is next in line for the throne. William like Charles has been raised from birth with that single responsilbity ever present. Harry had a lot more freedom than William ever had because of that.

Though lets be honest, sure their mum dying was sad but its not like they have ever had any real hardships in their lives. Its a pretty sweet gig. I don’t think William or Harry has ever had to decide between paying the rent or a utility bill.

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Good God, no. I am so glad that I am not British. This would piss me off mightily. However, I am happy for you regarding the bacon. :+1:


And what blood relation are they exactly??

I think like all aristocracy there are connections but its not like they are cousins.

I actually know quite a few Yankees who have an extremely high interest in all things royal family. Getting up at an ungodly hour to watch the royal wedding among other things.

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Eh, it’s estimated to bring in $1 billion in revenue, so i dont thunk they mind.

True, but it would drive me up the wall. But my people are amongst the rebels that already left.

My mom’s english so I’m half brit. I know its all ridiculous but…God save the king! There’ll never be another like QEII. At least in my lifetime.

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This isn’t without merit. I am descended from Edward I and III, also Richard of Scotland. I demand reparations. :rofl:

Was it William or Harry who ended up with a bounty on his head for kicking too much ass in Trashcanistan?

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From what I understand they tried to keep his deployment a secret. He wore a balaclava all the time and slept separately from the other men in his unit.

Secrecy didn’t last long though because other British soldiers recognized his voice. And his bright red ass hair was definitely a giveaway.

Before he met Megan he spent his free time after his deployment raising money for wounded British veterans of Afghanistan and trying to raise more support for British veterans in general. But once she entered the picture she pretty much put him in a ball and chain and he’s been there ever since.