Corona virus: Qui bono? IP

Who benefits from the initial release and subsequent spread of the Corona virus ?

  1. China, losing the trade war against the US, has broad-sided western economies including the US’.

  2. Socialist pensions are saved billions as large numbers of the elderly are taken of their beneficiaries lists.

  3. Globalist allied media have an issue people care about they can use to demonise Trump.

  4. Authoritarian globalist bureaucrats can use the issue to train populations to accept draconian restrictions to their freedoms.

  5. Big pharma can sell more medical supplies.

  6. Democrats stop large Republican rallies and town halls and channel electioneering through mainstream media, which largely is anti-Trump, and the internet providers, who censor and silence conservative voices at their whim.

So… the usual suspects.

Anyone else?

I’ll order a number 6 to go, thanks.



Actually Paul China has taken by far the biggest hit from this outbreak so far and I think in the long run is going to be hit far harder than the rest of the world combined.

Not only has this cost them hundreds of billions in expenditures to combat it as it as spread it has seriously impacted their industrial output as a nation crippling the economy.

Long term I believe and truly hope it is going to be devastating to the Chinese as the rest of the world wakes up to the strategic and economic dangers of having their economies so co dependent on China.

If this doesn’t result in a great deal of the industrial capability now centralized being pulled back to the nations buying most of their industrial goods from China it will be due to corruption and shortsightedness of the highest order in those countries.

Dont forget to add to number six that Republicans tend to be old and its 8 months to an election . Trying to kill off 6 percent of trump’s base.

Martians who want the vote.

Number 6 is my favorite too…Put me down for a weeeee…:crazy_face::roll_eyes:

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