Cops are leaving CA for TX!

No surprise here:

Gina Miller, a former deputy at San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, told that California’s legal system had left officers feeling ‘like whatever they did was pointless’.

The 37-year-old moved to Texas in 2021 and now works for Lewisville Police Department, around 25 miles north of Dallas.

She said her work now had a purpose again, adding: ‘If I take someone to jail they’re actually going to stay in jail until they see a judge.’

Here’s more:

Police chiefs across the state have sounded the alarm about their depleted ranks.

This week, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke again warned of a lack of deputies in his department, having previously warned the ‘dire’ staffing crisis was ‘getting kind of scary’.

Sacramento Chief of Police Kathy Lester said in June that her department was ‘woefully understaffed’, while the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the region’s largest law enforcement agency, is suffering from a 20 percent shortfall of deputies.

In 2022, more than 230 San Diego police officers left the department — the highest separation rate in more than a decade.

There’s a lot more in this article but I would think it must be hare to recruit cops in these ■■■■■■■■■ lib inner cities.


Might want to check that link.

Couldn’t be happening to a stinkier ■■■■ hole. :rofl:


If this is what libs have done to California, now consider what they’ve done thus far to the US? This mindset involves transgender and every other stupid ass lib concoction they’ve come up with that’s tearing this nation apart. So now…do you think Pelosi will stay in the ■■■■ hole she helped create or will she move elsewhere when she retires from Congress?

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Thanks, I forgot to post the link!


Sounds to me California needs some more of our newcomers. (Everything about a blue state sounds that way to me).

We don’t need California cops in Texas.


All the more reason to have non stop busses full of illegals dropped off in California every day. Win win for everyone! Drop them off in Beverly Hills and every other place the elites live. Drop them off in front of the gated communities, drop them off where the Hollywood crowd live, shop and work. San Francisco needs a few hundred thousand more homeless. LA needs more MS 13 and other gangs.

C’mon Gavin, quit being such a tightwad with California tax money. You need more, more , more freebies for illegals. Your constituents demand more. Pony up!!

Hope all the cops leave…

You dumbasses.

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This is what California wants, since Democrats don’t like prosecuting criminals.

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“Queers for Palestine” were summarily arrested by FLHP within eleven minutes of blocking the highway.
These dumb ■■■■■ apparently ASSumed when the Gov and FLHP Superintendent warned of arrests for breaking the law they weren’t serious? It’s FLORIDA dumbass, lawbreakers get arrested and thrown in jail here. :rofl:
By the way, where the ■■■■ is “Palestine”? I can’t find it on a map anywhere!


In TX. :grin:

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I wonder what silly ■■■■ she’s arresting people for?


This is what their voters are voting for whether they realize it or not.



Democrats in California and NYC could tell their people they have to ride horseback by 2030 and they would still be reelected.


Carbon footprint.
Gas stove.


Hopefully many Democrat voters wake up one day and realize that today’s Dem politician is nothing but a multimillionaire elitist ideologue who doesn’t give two ■■■■■■■ shiits about the American people. Power and personal/family wealth is what they live for.




It’s a vicious cycle the left have created:
Defund the police
Demoralize the police by releasing criminals back into the streets
Officers are then moving to other states that support them.
Whine about a lack of service when faced with a crime
Try to recruit officers but only get the dregs
Complain about the dregs and call to ‘defund the police’

Rinse and repeat


Doubtful, given that the left has thoroughly infested the media, tech companies, and academia. Opposing views are continuously shut down, and the failures of Democrat policies are rarely scrutinized by the masses.