Constructive Criticism - Closed

Why would you want to close a discussion about constructive criticism?
Was it the personal attacks? There is plenty of constructive points in there. There only personal attack I see was Sneaky to Samm.

Why close it?

We don’t leave open threads in this forum because of trolls.

That thread was directed at me personally. If you have something you want to discuss, feel free to start another or use this one.

If it’s about the thread I just moved into Fever Dreams, I wouldn’t bother.

Ummmm… there was some reference to you, but the main point of it was about the community. I stated that twice.
The participation here has fallen off over the last 6 months. If you have numbers to dispute that, feel free to provide them. I can tell you that my posts during that period are probably less than one tenth of what they used to be. I know others that have moved on to other forums. Others that have limited their participation drastically.

I come back here and check on this place and it’s the same people that have posted forever. There isn’t any growth here. It’s the same people for years. New members are scarce and that’s not a new thing, they have been scarce for years because this place is so overrun with the people that have posted here for years.

As moderators, I believe it is a responsibility to not only police the discussion here but you need to find a way to grow the community. If you don’t, this place will stay the same as it has been for 10 years. Sooner or later it will whither away.

Doesn’t anyone else wonder why a forum, under the name of a personality that has a following of tens of millions of people only has a membership in the hundreds? There are a few dozen people that post 80% of the posts on this site.

Take a look at the number of posts you have for a one week period. What percentage of total posts on this site is that?

Again, this isnt meant as a personal attack. You asked for some constructive criticism. I’ve offered you my view on the status of this place.

And for that, thank you.

I’ve been hearing that for the almost 20 I’ve been here, but what would you suggest?

Plenty of suggestions, yes. Plenty of ideas of how to attract and keep new voices here as well.
It doesn’t happen overnight. I has to be a concerted effort and agreement on behalf of those that have the ability to change the tone and culture.
First thing needed the ability to see that the community needs to grow. If not, and people want to keep things as they have been for the last decade… it will not stay the same, it will whither over time.

It’s been done. Big effort. Lots of changes. Not withering.

What’s your first suggestion?

What changes?

Yes, your suggestion for change #1. The Big One.

I’m asking you about the big effort you mentioned. What changes are you planning?

They have already been made and discussed at length.

Let’s look forward.

What’s your #1 Big Suggestion to improve the forum?

#1 a statement of purpose

You have implemented these changes? You might want to state them. Those are helpful for the members as well as for accountability for those that have the responsibility to the plans.

A statement of purpose of what?

The changes were discussed at length at least a couple of times.

Like this?

The main purpose of this Forum is to promote the name and presence of our esteemed host, Sean Hannity. It is through his generosity, that the forums have been made available.

Is that serious? Did you guys get together and agree on that?

Of course it’s serious. It’s been the statement of purpose for this forum for as long as I can remember.

You have discussed, at length, this purpose in your discussions and decided this is an apt description of the environment you all want here and this is the guiding principle for discussion on this site?

It has been and is the statement of purpose of the forum.

Do you have a suggestion or not?

#1 publish that statement. First suggestion is for all moderators to use that as their signature to remind themselves and all other members of the purpose of this site.

It is published. We don’t have signatures.

Do you have a suggestion or not?

#1… again. Publish and promote the purpose of this site that you have all spent discussing at length should be the purpose of this site.

Do you have a list of any changes you have made or plan to make?