Constitutional Capitalism V Democratic Socialism/Marxism

The Constitution limits the power of the government over the individual.

Socialism limits the power of the individual & makes government all powerful for the benefit of the collective. The individual doesn’t matter. The problem with that is is ends in dictatorship, not utopia. It lends toward an all powerful leader that is basically a king.

Economically socialism is a disaster for the entire population except the ruling class. All others are serfs.

Constitutional Capitalism is far superior, as it lifts the greatest number of people out of poverty. It’s different from Capitalistic Oligarchy, where we are presently heading into, but will likely end in a China type system that is a Capitalistic Oligarchy Dictatorship preaching communism but practicing Capitalistic Oligarchy Dictatorship.

It has the parts of communism that persecutes & outlaws religion, & imposes on the populace absolute obedience, submission, & forced praise to the State, with severe limits on freedom of expression & speech, punishes any & all dissent there, and coupled with Capitalistic Oligarchy Dictatorship, where we are headed.

The social media companies of the US helped the Chinese to set up the surveillance of what will be eventually every moment of every day for every person there, or for short, the social credit system. The US social media companies involved committed a crime for which they should be held accountable.

Every day one must log on to the government website & say something in praise of the state, the leadership, & the country or lose credit score. A low score carries severe penalties, a progression of loss of the better jobs, then loss of any job, travel privilege’s, etc. eventually ending in prison work camps.

Things that lower your score: Attending a religious service, failing to praise the state, saying anything the state doesn’t like, playing too much video games, & many other violations.

They will impose that same system here if it continues unopposed & the indoctrination of our youth in schools continues. We WILL lose our freedom.

It has already begun, as some banks are going to start turning down loans or allowing people to open an account with low social credits. LOOK at how many ways you can now lose your job or your business if you dare to say disagree with the left, speak your mind, or refuse to submit to some new rule the left invents each week, regardless how absurd or unconstitutional.

Soon you won’t get a loan, a job, or be allowed to travel, buy, or sell if you have a low social credit score, just like the system social media companies set up in China. They did it there, they will do it here…


It’s a brave new world the left is creating, of course, “For the People”, “For the Children”, “For the Greater Good”, or any of the other seemingly nice reasons they give to excuse tyranny, control freaking us all, & setting up their insane socialist utopia, which will actually be more like what China has.

But hey, we will all have equality…well…equal poverty, misery, & slavery…except for the few at the top…




Really great debate response…Convincing…proved your points!


Fences only erected for protest of political bias in prosecution.

Not a good signal.

Cons sure do love their oppression porn.

Also, you are aware China has their very own social media platforms, right?

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Woo, boy… where to begin…

Socialism and having a constitution aren’t exclusive. You could have an economy based around socialism and still have a constitution like our own that limits the power of the government and creates a government structure with checks and balances similar to our own that would keep us from having a dictatorship. You name drop “Democratic Socialism” in your thread title and then go on to describe socialism from the angle of Marxist/Leninism which is the opposite of what Democratic Socialism is about. The whole point of the Democratic part is that decisions shouldn’t be made by an elite ruling class who don’t answer to the people.

We’ve been a “Capitalistic Oligarchy” for a long time. It’s well known that money equals power and that business interests have a strong influence on our politicians.

This is just a big pile of paranoid nonsense. There’s literally a variant of communism called “Christian communism”. All the stuff you describe can be avoided for the most part with a well written Constitution like our own.

LOOK at how many ways you can now lose your job or your business if you dare to say disagree with the left, speak your mind, or refuse to submit to some new rule the left invents each week, regardless how absurd or unconstitutional.

If you are so concerned about this why not support an end to at-will employment?

This country was pretty much a Capitilisitc Oligarchy until the New Deal and then we started slipping back in that direction in the 80’s


It never even really changed during the New Deal…or to the degree that it did, it could change because we were pretty much the unchallenged economic behemoth of the world.

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Yep. Those who advocate for the repeal of the 17th amendment seem to be ignorant as to why it exists in the first place and how beneficial it would be to oligarchs for it to be gone. People think that money in politics is bad now… look at the late 1800’s

That sums it all up in a nutshell

Sums up all what in a nutshell?

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That entire defense of socialism.

Libs sure love to be oppressors/authoritarians.


Socialism doesn’t dictate any hiring or firing practices. But if you don’t want your employer to be able to fire you for your Trump bumper sticker, then end at-will employment.

Conservatives sure love to pretend they’re oppressed.


Such small, small thinking.


Is that why libs love suppressing individualism?


What are you talking about?