Conservatives: Ya miss a LOT by not doing MSDNC

Muh fellow conservatives on here…all 4 or 5 of yuzzes.

You are honest, therefore you admit and confirm that we are as dumb as a box of rocks about what goes on outside of the Foxosphere.

To wit:

Today on ToBlazes (who keeps up with MSDNC) there is this headline:

CNN peddles bizarre conspiracy theory.

I’m coming to what it is…today’s goofy rad dem conspiracy theory of note…but first I must characterize. This latest theory is downright Calypso Louie El Numerology Fairykahn territory.


(ToBlazes) CNN’s Chris Cillizza suggested that President Donald Trump was sending cryptic messages to a person or group of people known as QAnon at last week’s campaign rally.

According to Cillizza, QAnon (or sometimes just Q) is the anonymous key player in a mega-conspiracy theory that “targets Trump opponents, like Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama,” and as Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet, the president was apparently sending a secret message when he referenced “17 Angry Democrats.”


Conservatives. I have no idea who CNN’s Chris Cillizza is. Maybe he is a Putlizer Prize winner.I simply dunno. He’s obviously a thinker. Thinks real good. Prolly a college man.

But the riff raff obama worshipers on here do know who this guy is. Mebbe we ought to tune out Fox and tune in MSDNC so we can talk on the same level as the hillaryites hereabouts. You know…intellectual and all.

Not saying to go all the way, kill a chicken, and dance around it in the moonlight like howling dems…but we could go a long way in tearing down that wall of a language barrier by doing our due diligent research on the outlaw MSDNC channels.

I mean…I’m not gonna do it. But I invite you to.

I only listen to MSNBC on my way to and from work… well
… 90% of the time.
Dont listen to fox and don’t even have a TV at my home to watch.

You don’t appear to me from what I have seen of ya to be a very loyal MSDNC listener. Better you just go ahead and forget that mess.

Chris Cuomo and Chris Cillizza are different people.

Admitting that my info comes only second hand they appear to have both hatched in the same nest.

It is more entertaining than anything else on.

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Well…there is that. Haw! UPVOTE!

And you get to understand how libs could get so brainwashed by just watching/listening.

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Do you believe that Trump has shown a propensity to peddle in conspiratorial nonsense?

Propensity. I like that word. No upvote though.

What a surprise: you have no idea what you’re talking about. Cillizza isn’t “peddling” anything.
It’s reporting. On the people standing at Trump’s thing, holding up signs, like “We Are Q.” What is that?

Hmmmmm. Makes no sense.

I saw that. I am NOT making this up. I thought it was Gays For Trump. He prolly did too if he noticed them at all.

You thought. Heh.

What is this Q cult?

False flag.

Jes stand by. I’m betting we’ll get a full explanation from MSDNC’ers with a propensity for this mess.

Jes had a thought. How about this conspiracy theory… The Q guys were hired by MSDNC to wave their fake signs. How about that one?

I’m asking you.

Please explain.

What “mess” is that?