Conservatives: Ya miss a LOT by not doing MSDNC

Mess refers to those who have a propensity for conspiracy theories.

Ya’ll carry on the conversation. It’s nearly time for RUSH… R being the 14th letter in the Cyrillic alphabet, and also the first letter in Real Good.

I’ll catch my frenzied donkey denizens on the flip flop. Ya’ll.

Typical troll job, bye felicia.

Interesting that quite a few posters are defending Qanon today.

“Calm before the storm”.

So then you’re talking about the conspiracy theorists who continue to flock to Donald Birther Trump. Right?

The conversation?

“Hey, guys. Q is a real fakaroo, huh?”

“Yes, so say we all. we should write all sorts of articles about that. Really show the world we don’t care about it at all.”

“Heh, say wouldn’t it be a hoot if instead of that all these articles saying there’s nothing to Q convinced people it’s all real because we’re denying too hard?”

“Fred, have we told you recently that you’re a real putz?”

… or Hillary, the Mother Birther.

This is rich. There were so many conspiracy theorists at Trump’s rally, if there was a vendor selling tin foil hats, he would have become a millionaire.
Q, Seth Rich, Deep State signs everywhere. And you think CNN is pushing a conspiracy theory? You are entertaining. I’ll give you that.

Do you dispute she was among the earliest?

not surprising in the least.

I am sure if she was, it would be incredibly easy to prove… maybe some audio… video… heck even an op ed or something like that.

I don’t really associate BB with folks whose memory is so situationally limited. There are people I do, but not Bear. Sure he seemed a bit put off by me at that moment and thus the tone of the response; but, the simple truth is that either way a “birther” was gonna get elected in '16.

The by far better option than Horror Hillary won.

Of course, an Al Bundy doped up on painkillers 24/7 would have been better than Hillary so that’s not saying much

You coulda went and looked it up the same as anyone else. With 9,997 denial stories I pull out this gem:

Now…didn’t change your mind one bit did it? Why did I bite?

PS… Jes so you know. The Standard was and is NO friend of Trump.

So we would have to agree that in order to be correct, one would have to say that Blumenthal was an early Birther, not Clinton.

Bloomin-thal WAS and IS Hillary’s creature. You either know that and play cutesy or you don’t know that. If the latter be true then go do your due diligence research.

Yet… still not Clinton.

No matter how one tries to parse it out Blumenthal is not the same person as Hillary Clinton.

Is there something to attack?

Manafort: Trump, Trump, Trump!

Blumenthal: Meh, it’s only Blumenthal.

Hillary is the same gal we have operatives on video bragging about actual collusion (which is a crime) between the candidate, party and PACs and because those guys that bragged got fired it’s all gone away and nothing has ever been visited on Hillary or anyone at the DNC … and it’s the same reaction from many (I don’t recall J’s specific reaction so I don’t accuse him of it but proverbial “meh” was definitely to be heard in what was then these parts).

Being second hand, as usual you got it wrong.

Cillizza did nothing like what Beck accused him of.

He simply described what QAnon was.

At no point did CNN peddle a conspiracy theory of their own…they simply described the QAnon conspiracy.