Congressman uses staff as servants

Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA) and his wife made staffers pick up groceries, clothes — even dog poop, multiple former employees to the freshman Republican told POLITICO.

From the picture of Garrett, there must have been many grocery and fast food runs.

He only did that to aides he discovered were actually liberals.

And then he fired them.

PS: Complaints from exes should always be taken with suspicion. Particularly “unnamed” ones. (Just saying.)

I second what Guv said and add
the “aides” named (or rather not named) were apparently interns, typically college students whi spend a semester performing menial office tasks plus a small number of personal errands for the Congressman and his professional staff. My duties included opening mail, stuffing envelopes, answering phones, making copies etc. plus fetching lunch and a small number of other personal errands. It’s part of the job, it allows the member and the professional staff to make maximum use of their time.

Yeah seems pretty weak. Not sure why this story made CNN and Fox.