Virginia Republican congressman Garrett says he's quitting

Politico reporting Tom Garrett (R-VA) will quit Congress after reports of his using his staff for gofers doing such things as picking up groceries, clothes and dog poop. He said he attributes the reports (previously in Politico) to alcoholism.

Was he always too drunk to do those chores?

Gimme a break.


I’m guessing that’s the excuse. But yeah, it’s weak.

Pissant phony victim excuse.

I posted about his staff’s complaints a few days ago.
All the replies were that that’s the kind of things staff was supposed to do.
I didn’t think so.

Good riddance

I’ve found that doing those very same chores while drunk is the best and most efficient way to get them accomplished. I don’t know what this guy’s prollem was…


Who posted that?

Dude, seriously? There are 4 posts in that thread and one of them is yours. Nobody said what you claimed. Why did you make that up?

Nobody said what I claimed? What does this one say?

May 25
I second what Guv said and add
the “aides” named (or rather not named) were apparently interns, typically college students whi spend a semester performing menial office tasks plus a small number of personal errands for the Congressman and his professional staff. My duties included opening mail, stuffing envelopes, answering phones, making copies etc. plus fetching lunch and a small number of other personal errands. It’s part of the job, it allows the member and the professional staff to make maximum use of their time.