Confirmed: Hunter and Joe were laundering money

Libs: Not possible because liberals are angels and are not capable of corruption. More Russian misinformation, vast right wing conspiracy crap.

The FBI: No comment. Two years from now. No comment. Four years from now. What laptop?

The media: " What flavor of ice cream did you get today Mr. President? America needs to know! :heart:

And now Hunter is selling his “art” to anonymous buyers for more than a Picasso? And the media suspects nothing?

I blame the republicans as much as anyone. Where are they? Why are they not pushing the FBI to come clean? Where is Liz Cheney with her high moral standards asking for answers?

Schweizer: We Confirmed Joe Biden Benefited from Hunter Biden’s Deals (

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This is a pretty loose definition of the word “confirmed.”


Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), said on Monday that his organization had confirmed that President Joe Biden “was a direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s financial deals with foreign interests.


Again, this is a pretty loose definition of confirmed.

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The Government Accountability Institute sounds super official.


Maybe. But it’s enough to make you wonder. Right? They either its true, or they are guilty of slander. Not much middle ground here.

You wrote “confirmed” in your title and even you’re admitting it’s really not.


It’s not official. But they have no record of manufacturing evidence either. They either have this info or they don’t. Should the media follow up to get to the bottom of it?

Should the media let it go? Assume it’s all a lie? Or press for answers?

From wiki

Schweitzer is the author of the OP’s linked “confirmed” story.


So they are looking at the soggy laptop.

How many times are you guys going to get fooled by this?

Move on knowing that any info surrounding the soggy laptop is tainted and that it is a dead end for serious people.

It sounds like you’re getting tricked again by this laptop thing.

The art grift is brand spanking new.

Where should we go from here? Dig deeper or drop it?

It would help everybody if the laptop images were released publicly. I don’t see why they won’t release it along with these stories that describe the content, but do not prove the description matches the content.

Just release the laptop image already.

Dig all you like.

I wasn’t asking your opinion of me. I already know that. I was asking this:

Should the media let it go? Assume it’s all a lie? Or press for answers?

The Government Accountability Institute (​GAI) is a conservative think-tank located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Should the media let it go? Assume it’s all a lie? Or press for answers?