Confess your Climate Sins

Exactly. And we are so enamored with our own success. Due to our big brains. How do you define biological success. By biomass, or the ability to extinct ourselves.

Don’t care for successful people? :thinking:

We are not going to extinct ourselves. Life on this planet will end when God decides it will and not a nanosecond before.

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I farted at a Climate change activist.

We had a barbecue last weekend and used charcoal :cry: like like at the Democratic Iowa event.

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Well, considering that we humans now occupy and thrive on the vast majority of the planet and continue do defy all dire predictions of procreating ourselves out of a place at the dinner table, I’d say that qualifies for biological success and the fact that despite having developed the ability to extinct ourselves, we have not shows intellectual success as well.

Why do you hate people? Would you rather be a ■■■■■■■■■■

Yup. I’d say you were pretty enamored. The Neolithic experiment is only about 10,000 years old. And, no, we don’t seem to be too clever. But it’s OK if you think so. Can’t change that.

Or in more censor friendly terms, a Periplaneta americana. :smile:

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Exactly. Thx.

I hate the big flying ones. They always come right at you. But they’re smart enough to know that their success is not due to their big brains.

Enamored with what? Being human? The question here is why are you so anti-human? What species would you prefer to be?

They know no such thing. They are not capable of that level of thought.

Why should I be pro-human? What have humans done for each other lately? Why do many humans live in poverty, suffer enormously, do not have fresh water, lack enough food, commit genocide, can’t get along with the neighbors, cheat, steal, have laws to tell us how to live. Why don’t we know how to live? Is it because we’re so smart? And I’m just getting started.

And why do humans despoil their own backyard?

Perhaps you missed it. The vast majority of humans live at a standard that is orders of magnitude better than humans did even 100 years ago.

You didn’t answer the question … What species would you prefer to be?

Like I said, the Neolithic experiment is only 10.000 years old. Too soon to tell.

Some do, some don’t. Why do you generalize and condemn an entire species?

That wasn’t the point. The point was standard of living and on that, there is no question that the standard of living of most people on this planet is higher than that of their grandfather’s.

And you are still avoiding the question.

Industrial societies despoil their backyard more than societies of more primitive technology.

Virtually all species have a negative impact on some part of the environment and on other species.