Confess your Climate Sins

I like large V-8’s engines and eat steak at least one a week. I deny cow farts are harming the earth, and think CO2 is natural and plant food.


My 5-person family emits less carbon on my 13 acre farm than a city-dwelling lib in their studio apartment. :man_shrugging:

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I would wager that my carbon footprint is not only neutral, but actually negative, given certain planting and gardening practices I use. And I’m situated on only a quarter-acre lot.

You, being on 13 acres, are probably even more so.

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From a work point of view, I can cast the first stone because my company hath no sin. :smile:

We have been on the forefront of environmentally friendly endeavors, including being the first large scale shipping company to introduce SkySails which reduces energy use by as much as 10%.

I hunt only endangered species. Dump all motor oil, batteries and chemicals directly into the Chesapeake Bay instead of wasting time filtering it through local creeks. Steal tires to keep my tire pile burning. Use at least a roll of toilet paper on every bathroom visit. Take 90 minute showers. Drive thousands of extra miles per year to buy one grocery item at a time.

And I throw bundles of plastic straws in the trash at every restaurant because, hey, they’re free.


I install and maintain natural gas pipelines.

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Like @Cratic3947, I eat steak frequently, more than once a week, I’d say.

As for at home, nothing really stands out in the negative beyond what the average rural dwelling person would have.

On the positive side, I buy grass fed beef in bulk, keep my own chickens and have several gardens.

At my new place in North Carolina, fed exclusively by mountain spring water and the septic system is environmentally friendly. Due to the location, everything is exclusively electric. No natural gas lines available in the area. When I initially acquired the property, I tore down the existing structures and had those areas environmentally remediated, meaning they are essentially back in a fully natural condition.

I exhale CO2 all day long.


How is your electricity generated?

Primary energy generation in this area of North Carolina is hydro-electric and solar farms, both from Duke Energy and from private producers. I signed up for the local electric membership cooperative The cooperative buys energy from Duke Energy and the local producers.

Duke has 6 Nuclear Power plants, 13 gas fired, 7 coal fired and 1 oil fired. Then there are 25 hyrdo-electric and 7 solar. But in this local area and not owned by Duke Energy, there are plenty of Solar Farms and hydro-electric generators.

So I would have to say a variety overall for my power generation, but primarily hydro-electric and solar.

Also, the highest portion of my property, well above my residence, is well suited to build a solar farm, so I could potentially become a producer myself.

I break wind.

And because of that, people in my household light a lot of matches.

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I did some quick research. It appears all the coal fired plants in North Carolina are on a definite schedule for decommissioning, in most cases to be replaced by gas fired. For example, the Asheville coal fired power plant goes offline in 2020. I believe all the coal fired plants in North Carolina will be gone well before 2030.

I just bought a diesel dually and love driving it. I also like using aerosol cans and I too am a steak fanatic.

What do you do with the plants, bury them deep in a bog where they cannot oxidize?

And methane too, I’ll bet. :wink:

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Plants absorb carbon. The more plants you are responsible for, the more you neutralize your carbon footprint.

If you compost, you are taking tons of carbon material and concentrating it in your soil (which then feeds your plants, which then absorb CO2.)

Last week I couldn’t find my regular deodorant before work and had to resort to and aerosol deodorant. But I promise it was just a one time thing and I hurried after work to get another stick of deodorant. Forgive me goddess of intersectionality, political correctness, and identity politics for I have sinned :sob:

My carbon footprint is as big as Sasquatch. I fly most months to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Brazil. But on the plus side I plan and execute the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations so I am doing my bit