Confess your Climate Sins

Plants also emit carbon dioxide when they oxidize … which includes both rotting and being digested.

Do I need to do another Earth Day thread…?

I’m big into combustion engines and steaks myself. :+1:

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I’m as perfect as a call to the Ukraine

This is but a shadow of these types of threads on the old boards.

You guys have lost your edge…:rofl:

You liberals will complain about virtually anything, won’t you.

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I’m criticizing bad theatre, not making a political point.

That doesn’t change what I said.

You’re correct.

It’s still as wrong as it was before I replied.


I’ve got an idea. Let’s all just pat ourselves on the back for no reason.

My comment had nothing to do with you or your motives. It is factually correct that liberals complain about virtually everything in this Forum, regardless of what you claim you were criticizing. And now you are complaining about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not.


I eat food. Not the problem. Too many people eat food and there’s not enough food. Food is going away. Why?

Sounds like a complaint to me.

I drive a car and I exhale.

I guess I should go put a gun to my head to lower my carbon footprint. See you folks on the other side.

It’s a good thing that most of the world depends on ocean resources. Because they’re growing. Oh, wait.

Yes. Humans are awesome. We eat and fart. Farts are pretty funny, don’t you think? Because we fart, we must rule the world. Except we don’t. We don’t rule the world and our big brains really haven’t contributed to our non-rule of the world. But at least ■■■■■■■■■■■ are smart enough to know that their success is not due to their big brains,

You think food is going away?:thinking:

Keep up.

All righty then. Just for the record we had nice filet mignon’s today. :wink: