Condoleeza Rice Finally Came to the Party

Condoleezza Rice takes jab at liberals for assuming how Black people should think: 'Problem with the left

“I don’t really care if we’re colorblind, but I would like to get to the place that when you see somebody who is Black, you don’t have preconceived notions of what they’re capable of, who they are – by the way, what they think, which is I think a problem of the left,” Rice said

Now that could be a reasonable expectation. Very difficult, but definitely something we could all work on.

If by “the system” she is including the students in her example, I will agree.

Nice little video at the link.

I doubt she’s interested, but I wish she’d consider another run at government service. Very talented lady.


I agree…she’s helluva woman. Smart, balanced but not conservative enough for me in main decision making roles.

I was about to make thread about other Rice…I thought you beat me too it till I seen Condoleeza and it registered.


Am I missing something? I don’t see the link.

No, I was. Thank you.

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So what’s up with “colorblind” being wrong-speak anyway? :thinking:

Funny how “some” of us been saying that for decades. I always thought “colorblind” society was insult to all sides.


I keep having this conversation with some of my liberal friends. No the black community does not need you

I see…but they need white liberal dough to think for them?

No sure what you’re getting at. I was expressing my own opinion.

I am saying i agree with her. White libs shouldn’t be telling them how to think b or assume about what they think. It’s a problem with the left.

They don’t need white liberal dough. Need is a weird word in this context. In this thread even more.

Libs shouldn’t be telling anyone how to think. They should be thinking for themselves.


Well when you said you I thought you mean me.

At no point did I try to tell Blacks how to think. I just thought this “color blind” ■■■■ was an insult to everyone involved.

Right which is why this insane pendulum need to swing back and slow the hell down. We no more need thirty years of everybody needs to be woke than we needed thirty years of jerry


Falwell, Jerry.

Unless i misunderstood the meme :upside_down_face:

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Virtue signaling.

Not sure I get it. Don’t have Cinemax either. I personally don’t ever feel the need to tell people I’m colorblind, but I’ve always seen it as when you look at someone and see a human being with all the same needs you have as a human being. :man_shrugging:

ETA: Oh, virtue-signaling. That part I get.

It’s fallen out of favor. It was just moral grandstanding. None of us is color blind in that context.

All right. That does it. She is no longer black.

Unfortunately I think she’s too classy a lady to be willing to join this administration if Trump is successfully reelected.

The same stewing swill but even worse will begin immediately upon election night if Trump is declared the winner and we’ll be right back to four more years of fabricated conspiracies, lies, and endless hate.

I don’t believe she’d want any part of it.

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It simply means as King said, accept everyone based on the quality of their character rather than the color of their skin, no preconceptions based on race at all.

A person is much more than the color of their skin.