Comparing Fox News to NK state menia

Pretty shocking and funny comparison in teh coverage of the summit.

I have to say, I have never heard Fox so unabashedly cheerleading as they have since trump won.

They aren’t the same. Do they both engage in propaganda? Absolutely.

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As do all the rest of them.

You just posted an article from the Huffington Post about bias in the media?

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This is true. It is also true that there are levels of ■■■■■■■■.

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How about Time lying about the picture?

The language is remarkably similar.

Judge Piro talking about the genius of trump…Dobbs slobbering on about his brilliance…too funny…

What was the lie?

:rofl: nothing. Go back to sleep.

So no lie?

Piro won’t be sent to Yodok if she doesn’t slobber hard enough.

Of course it’s a lie. You don’t care.

Tell me what the lie is then.

I’ll wait.

I find that explanation more believable coming from them than the ■■■■■■■■ artists on Fox.

Sure you do. I don’t believe either one of them.

Might want to check the other thread

I went to the time site to look at that issue. They have an article titled: “The Story Behind TIME’s Trump ‘Welcome to America’ Cover”. In the article they never said that she had been separated from her mother.
There were other articles about Trump’s separation policy and the kids that had been separated. But I could not find one example in that issue that made the claim that that particular girl had been separated.

According to the Washington Post, Mr Trump also joked that even Fox News, which is known for its unashamed Republican bias and pro-Trump rhetoric, was not as effusive in its praise as the state TV host.

Seems about right. Fox News has utterly become a propaganda machine for the Trump administration.

Fox news - only 22% true or mostly true.