Compare/Contrast The Responses Between The Two Big Decisions

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Reading the two threads, the responses from the two tribes I find interesting.

In one, there is a clearly enumerated right. Present in the document to fulfill a promise allowing for ratification and and the forming of a country.

On the other hand, we have a “right”, fabricated out of torn cloth to appease a rabid feminist movement of the day. But which has indeed become a “right”; as practically no woman of childbearing age has been of that age without it. 2 generations now.

In both cases, government imposition is the root cause of ressentiment.

In each case, one tribe says “let the states decide.” Then it reverses with the topic.

In both cases, the government is choosing winners and losers. In both cases, morality is being imposed from afar.

In both cases, people are angry.


What if we just followed the Constitution?


I think both of these decisions are a return to the Constitution. Change my mind.


If you can impose your abortion law on me, why can’t I impose my gun law on you?

Or vice versa?

The fact you referenced Roe Vs Wade in this emotive way tells me nothing will change your mind.

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Emotive? Factual.

Lol factual in your mind.

No, I saw it in color. It’s a fact.

Sure it is. But I will let others take it from here.

Wise decision.


Much easier to silo each one than look at the pattern.

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lol. there is no right to carry a concealed weapon. thats a made up right.


Precisely…it’s why I always say government must remain neutral. When they take sides problems arises.

What…and deprive authoritarians? :rofl:



I decided to try, even though I can’t afford the points.

There is a right to bear. “Concealed” is a dress code for the benefit of sheep.

If you don’t like “concealed” dress code, that’s fine. You have exactly one other option.

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It was a poorly written decision. It depended on a factor that was vague in regards to the constitution. Even those who supported Roe accepted that fact.

Congress should have done its job. Instead the court made a decision on the flimsiest of constitutional backing.


And now we have to endure the absurd polemic that returning the issue to voters is the end of democracy. Absurdity level omega.


As there is no specific enumerated restriction of the manner by which an individual is allowed to bear arms, that would appear to be an issue reserved to the states, or in their absence, the people under the constitution. The only thing that appears to be “made up” is your observation.

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concealed is concealed.

do you think the founding fathers wanted the general public to carry concealed handguns when they wrote the 2nd.

its a made up right.


How is any abortion law an imposition on you? Being a Dude, how would it even apply?

As for someone else’s decisions regarding abortion, is it any of your business?

They didn’t care how you carried them hence “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” No restrictions on how to bear them.