Commie socialist state of Texas putting coal miners out of work

That’s right! Texas is now getting more energy from wind than coal. Cancer rates are probably gonna explode, too.


Morning Consult poll shows that only one in four Americans actually understand that wind and solar cannot provide constant power to the grid. Without constant power sources its black outs, brown outs and general interruption of service, freezing your behinds off in winter and sweating your behinds off in the summer.

But you go ahead and celebrate with windmill toys and propeller beanie hats. :roll_eyes::wink:

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Have you ever heard of the word… Combination? No?

Markets are driving this, not big government. That is an important distinction.

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Then why do you cons keep bitching about wind and solar being subsidized?

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It’s like the solar plant just approved where I live. They are getting a 75% rebate of the increase in property taxes (from what farm land was taxed at, to the tax rate of industrial). That’s about $7 million over 15 years. Company said they would NOT make a profit if they didn’t get the rebate (on top of federal tax breaks, and state tax breaks).

THIS is what I don’t like. State and federal tax breaks, then hit the local county for additional money JUST to make it profitable to sell their power on the open market (aka going to California is where they are marketing it too.)

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Show the poll, that sounds like bull ■■■■ to me.

Look at the tax breaks oil companies get……………

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Do they get tax rebates and general subsidies from the Federal Government (remember, if it’s on Federal land, it goes to auction for the right to Drill then they pay a royalty on top of that)? How about tax rebates/credits from states?

How about like here in my county – get a rebate on local property taxes?

Please link to your answers.

No distinction. Rules affect outcomes.

Which rule affected this outcome?

There is a big distinction.

Markets react to consumer demand. Big government stifles competition while imposing its will. It doesn’t really care what the consumer wants, and would be unable to react to consumer demand even if it did care; which it doesn’t.

I have it on good authority the preferred method of heating in Texas is buffalo chips. This seems like a step forward. Good for Texas, I hope they make this work so they can show other states how to do it.

Buffalo chips are not a food, right?

No. They are not a food.

LoL. I suppose you can eat them if you want but I think they’re better to cook over than to cook.

But that never came up in the conversation so I will defer.

Are you denying that they get large tax incentives etc.? LOL.

It adds up to about twenty billion and it’s all over the internet and fought over in every election. There is no need for me to link anything, it’s common knowledge.

They get some tax breaks. But are solar and wind power companies having to go to an acution to get federal land to put their stuff on? They get tax breaks, so do oil companies.

Like I said, I’ve pointed out what one solar company demanded to get on track to build a plant here locally. And every county meeting I see where they are going to be approving money for the company, I’m going to be there raising (mostly) my objections.

New industries always get subsidies if the govt. thinks they are important enough to society as a whole. What’s the big deal? Because of this, partly, industrial scale solar electricity in high sunshine states (sans tariffs) has advanced to the point of being cheaper than fossil fuel generated electricity. I don’t see it as a problem. I look forward to getting an electric pick up truck in a few years when the technology makes them competitive with my F-150. That too is being helped along by the govt. It’s a big part of what they do for the general welfare, and perfectly legitimate.

The aluminum plants owned by Russian oligarchs in Kentucky are getting huge tax breaks and free land from local communities. Check out Braidy Industries.