Commie socialist state of Texas putting coal miners out of work

Coal is losing out to natural gas, which will make up for the down times in wind and solar.
Power plants no longer want to deal with dirty coal messing up the equipment, or the hassle of how to dispose of the toxic coal ash.

And don’t forget it’s cancer causing.

Your new here :smiley:
You’ve not seen my rants about tax breaks and that for businesses.

The one I have with solar is nothing new in terms of that.

They should have held out longer, other energy companies get better tax breaks

Subsidies to renewable energy companies in Texas has totalled about $13 billion.

Those are state subsidies.

build one nuclear plant.

boom solved.

this is all pretty much common practice. local, state, federal government throw out money to job creators like wild fire.

welcome to capitalism.

They get one of the biggest tax breaks of any business.

They don’t bear the cost of their negative externalities…we do.

It seem like your local county government really want them to build there.

This is how business work.

before a major company move into a location they hustle as much freebies as they can get from the local,state,federal government.

10 years into the process here in Utah. Evironmental wacko’s have stalled it worse than a coal plant. Right now they guess anouther 5 to 10 before it’s built barring any further lawsuits by the evironmental wacko’s.

Easier said than done in the US.

It’s ridiculous how difficult it is to get a nuclear fission plant up and running in the states.

same in Canada, Its mostly a PR battle.

funny enough I have a few friend who work PR and their sole job is to make the local community happy they spend millions on it. Your local town having a BBQ to raise money! we will give you money just let us set up a tent.

My county leaders are idiots.

The solar owners came in, presented to them the way all the other counties they’ve work with helped in the financing (aka special designation on the property that allows up to 90% of increased property tax can be rebated back to the company, and they ONLY wanted 85% back). Now it’s been cut back to 75% by the commissioners, but they have to vote every year on the rebate. So if it’s not for public things (relocating a couple of roads, relocating fences - stuff like that I’m going to be at the meetings urging them to vote no.)

And they will bitch about how many jobs they have created, and how much taxes revenue they brought in, this is pretty much how business happen. they will be a co-sponsor on every county project they can get their name on so they can use it as leverage.

they will hustle for every penny they can get.