Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross cashes in

Turns out there’s a lot of money to be made by serving in Trumps cabinet :laughing:.

I read about this earlier and it definitely smells.

Amazing. A shipping company tied to Putin’s cronies and a bank in Cyprus that launders Russian mob money. Chalk up another one.

A running theme with this cabinet.

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And vastly inflating his net worth :grin:.

mob lite.

or maybe just mob without the killings.

This appeared to be much more blatant. I can understand that someone from with in this area of expertise would be the right person to oversee but not to profit by the decisions being made. This appears to have crossed the line?

Yeah, but what about Hillary? Libs don’t care about her when she did it.


Legally, there are a lot less lines than you think, it’s mostly just norms. So as long as Trump wants him there, he’s there.

Normally this would be enough to immediately boot someone from the cabinet. But not in this administration.

Pruitt is under what? 13 investigations for abuses of power? Still there.

Pruitt is ruffling a lot of feathers in that he is rescinding a lot of environmental regulations and ticking a lot of people off but I don’t see him personally profiting from his actions.

He’s using public stuff as servants and has been waaaay overspending on travel etc. Also asked staff to find him reasons to visit countries he wanted to visit.

Dig deeper. Even Laura Ingraham has said enough is enough.

I don’t get it, you don’t care about the president not divesting himself, why do you care about Ross?


In like his first week on the job, he took an apartment from an energy lobbyist for fifty bucks a month-in a neighborhood where rents are on par with downtown Manhattan-and then immediately awarded said lobbyist an enormous contract.

MAGA = Mobsters Are Governing America

The other crazy thing is that when it was relvealed that he had a stake in Navigator Holdings (the Putin Nephew connected business) through the Paradise papers he shorted his position in it to make money off of the bad news.

I’d say it takes balls, but when you know you’re not going to be held to account it really doesn’t.

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I don’t get it either. But here is one difference between the two. Ross lied about his divesting. Trump was pretty blatant that he was unwilling to do so, and would gladly profit off of the office.

From the article…

Ross appears to have broken one law, however: submitting a sworn statement to federal officials in November saying he divested of everything he had promised he would—even though he still held more than $10 million worth of stock in financial firm Invesco, his former employer.

I wonder if the DOJ will pursue this? Doubtful in my opinion.

It’s a good thing Trump was elected to take on DC corruption!

Then you aren’t paying attention.

It’s almost like sending a crooked NY businessman to clear up all the supposed corruption in Govt wasn’t the greatest of ideas.

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