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Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey unloaded on the President and his Republican colleagues on social media Wednesday, asking how the GOP will explain their attacks on the bureau “to their grandchildren.”

Comey vented his frustration with Republican lawmakers on twitter this week, saying we live in a “dangerous time” when “attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country.”

“Facts matter. The FBI’s use of Confidential Human Sources (the actual term) is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the country. Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. How will Republicans explain this to their grandchildren?” wrote the former director.

Comey found himself thrust -once again- into national headlines last week when multiple sources reported the FBI may have had an “informant” interacting with the Trump campaign heading into the 2016 race for the White House.

Good. He’s right.

THIS is a “Twitter Tirade” but not what Trump does every morning? Good lord, whoever makes these posts has some ‘splainin’ to do.

:joy: “disgraced”

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Yeah everything is always a “meltdown” “tirade” “smack down”. It’s pretty ridiculous.

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I know. As if the biggest disgrace isn’t Trump.

I guess in the bitter minds of the trumptatos, using complete sentences is a “Twitter tirade”.


Think what you will of Comey personally. But he is not wrong here. And it is definitely shameful what a cancer Trump and his sycophantic cultists are on this nation. They are undoubtedly reeking long-term damage upon our institutions and norms. And the worst part about it, is that they are doing it all in the name of Donald Trump of all people. A man who embodies the seven deadly sins. An overall horrible excuse of a human being. What the worst of the worst of humanity can envision.

FBI…Too big to fail, I guess.

now the intelligentsia is trying to corral the peasant Christians by using church language.

Next libs will be advocating a theocracy.

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Go troll someone else.

It was a typical and expected assessment of Mr Comey’s acumen in the domain of societal development, coming from one who clearly sees his own intellectual superiority. Of course Comey’s opinion was deemed to be superior to the failed vision of those whom the poster believes are deserving of the name “deplorable” or as the author calls them, “sycophantic cultists”. Hrrrrmff

There was the obligatory degradation of the president but notably and strangely, the author invoked a new metric by which the president should be measured. “The seven deadly sins” now have meaning to the liberals. Never mind that they are the foremost advocates for every sin known to man. No… now Mr Trump is being measured by which sins he is innocent of.
And the writer opines that he’s guilty of them all.


I have been a devout Christian and conservative for longer than most here have been alive.

Like I said, go troll someone else.

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Funny that the cons are not actually disputing the trings Comey is saying…

i noticed.

Wow, so much for Comey’s claim that he’s a Republican. Comey should have been indicted for his shameful handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. Clinton was clearly, obviously guilty of multiple crimes relating to national security, but Comey refused to recommend indictment.

I would love to but it’s hard when the truth you’re being told to believe is being said by a liar.

Comey just told you what Conan had been saying from day 1.

IG report………where are you?

Comey is describing you and Conan.