Comey gets a subpoena! Who cares?

I’m sure he does - but that information is still classified.

The conspiracy theory now involves a Delorean. Amazing!

Not too mention there is still an active, ongoing investigation.

Besides, as others have pointed out, there have been plenty among Congress, including many pro-Trump loyalists in the GOP, who have seen the entire thing, without redactions. And nary a peep from them about all of the alleged nefarious activities involved, that the conspiracy theorists would like us to assume exist.

I wonder why the gop seems hesitant to have him testify in the open.

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Ask him if he will testify in detail about the justification for the FISA warrant. He knows why it was issued. The DNC wanted it. No other reason. And you know this. It’s really not a struggle. That’s what I want to know and that’s what you want kept secret. Stop struggling. It ain’t complicated.

Because he will claim that most of the information is classified and cannot be revealed. In private, that option disappears and he must be forth coming.


Comey can’t reveal classified information in his testimony. If he did, he could go to jail. The FISA warrants contain classified information, your delusional suppositions that the Democratic National Committee somehow forced the FBI to get FISA warrants notwithstanding.

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No, he can’t reveal classified information to Congress without authorization, even in a closed hearing.


You clearly do not understand how any of this works. Without spending too much time holding your hand, the basics are that the “justification” for the warrant are laid out in the application. In great detail. And many members of the GOP have seen the FISA application, which explains everything. Just because you and I are not privy to this information yet, because of there being an ongoing investigation, does not mean anything nefarious is involved. If there was, the GOP members who have seen the application, would have already made their case and Trump would have declassified it before the midterms.


Exactly. He really does not understand how any of this actually works. It’s a shame, because he would be considered one of the more informed politico’s by comparison to the general public.

No. I’m saying that those who have seen the documentation don’t take issue with the rationale behind the FISA warrant, otherwise we would have heard about it by now.

Which is why they want him testify in private. There is absolutely no excuse for him not to reveal the reason for the warrent. Unless the reason is that the DNC and Hillary campaign wanted it. Our national security is not at stake here. He can tell congress the reason.

The members of Congress who have the credentials to hear classified information already know the reasons for the warrant, because they’ve seen it. The other members of Congress don’t have the clearance to hear Comey state them again.


He cannot reveal that information. Now that you learn3d that bit of info, any insight as to why the GOP members don’t want him to testify in public?

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What are you arguing about?

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Huber will fix that with his testimony!

This all happened. That information has been deemed classified. Then the GOP demanded they read the justification, and they read it in private. And they have since shut up about it.

Has Huber’s team issued even one subpoena?

Speaking of learning stuff. Wouldn’t you love to learn why the FISA warrant was issued? I don’t care if the entire world knows why.