Comey gets a subpoena! Who cares?

Big deal. We have had blow-hards such as Trey Gowdy babbling about corruption for years. But what did they actually do? Nothing. They fiddle farted around for two years. Now when it’s too late to enforce it, they issue Comey a subpoena. I hate the silly assed games played by our politicians.

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And Comey is perfectly willing to come testify in front of the whole world. What he doesn’t want to do is go sit in a closed session and have his words selectively leaked by Republicans who are desperate to run cover for the administration in the Mueller probe.


Consider why he/they aren’t doing anything but babbling. Sometimes what you want to be there isn’t there, and “they” grandstand so you’ll elect “them” anyway.

Or, there’s just no “there” there.

The last thing the GOP wants is a repeat of Comey testifying publicly like he did last year…

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There doesn’t have to be a there, there. I want what you want. We want to know the exact same information. What was the FISA warrant based on? Show me the evidence. Am I right?

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We aren’t always privy to that sort of information.

Again, if there were something we needed to see, Trump could declassify and release it any time. That he hasn’t done so, and hasn’t locked her up, and any number of other things, should be a clue to you.

Sometimes, there’s just no there there.

True. And sometimes you just gotta use a government issue cliché. That said, I would love see the justification for the FISA warrant. Wouldn’t you?

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literally dozens of GOPers have seen that, and they have said nothing of substance about it. Not sure we should be releasing that info until after the report is done. Might compromise sources and methods.

Whether I would love to see it is irrelevant to whether I’m privy to such information. Of course we’d all love to see it, but we’re not entitled to it.

It’s not a cliche-you can complain about cliches all you want, but the point stands. When the very people you helped put in power aren’t doing anything about the crimes/wrongdoings/whatever that you want them to do regarding this stuff, it’s because they HAVE seen the information and what you want to be there isn’t there.

No only have the said something of substance about it, but they got REALLY quiet about all the FISA stuff after they saw it. So either there was nothing and they hoped everyone would just forget, or someone threatened them or something.

Agree. Waste of effort at this point.

Okay. I think I have the answer. Just have somebody, anybody. A reporter a politician, whoever. Ask Comey: "Will you release the full justification, non redacted with names, used to issue the FISA warrant in a public setting? If he answers yes, then let him testify in public. If he answers no, then the only way to get to the truth would be in private. Fair enough?

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What isn’t there? Specifically. Are you saying they had no justification for the FISA warrant?

You understand that Comey is a private citizen, and has no power to declassify government documents, right?



What makes you think Comey is in any position to release anything? He is a private citizen. Good grief man.


What you are calling fiddle farted I call investigating, Huber will release his findings on all that corruption 5 December 2015 in front of the House, everyone involved will have their texts exposed to the public probably after Comey’s testimony so as to see how bad he incriminates him self.

Ask him. See what he says. He knows why the warrant was issued. Good grief man, why not?

He’s going to testify on December 5, 2015?

That’ll be quite feat.

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Again, he is a private citizen. He has no authority. None. Period. To declassify anything. What about that reality are you struggling to comprehend exactly?

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