Comer gave his brother $200,000 through a shell company

James Comer, Like Joe Biden, Also Paid His Brother $200K.

According to Kentucky property records, Comer and his own brother have engaged in land swaps related to their family farming business. In one deal—also involving $200,000, as well as a shell company—the more powerful and influential Comer channeled extra money to his brother, seemingly from nothing. Other recent land swaps were quickly followed with new applications for special tax breaks, state records show. All of this, perplexingly, related to the dealings of a family company that appears to have never existed on paper.

probably nothing though.

That’s what the IRS is for my friend. It appears to be out in the open and not hidden like Biden’s charades that you ignore. Just look at the one sidedness of this article you’re swallowing. My friend…this is sheople food on steroids.

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also need different source. Not gonna give them my info to read. It maybe be shady. But since land is involved there is actually something tangible to explain the money. Not so much for Biden. I think the paper is pushing a very shady interpretation of events.

It’s weird - I can read it on my computer, but not my phone. Not registered on either.

He’s a summary of the DB article that I can read without registering:

“Comer has held important positions in agriculture oversight since 2003, while running a family farming business, and those roles overlapped in 2019, the year of the land swaps,” reported The Daily Beast. “He only stepped back from an agriculture oversight role recently, in 2020 — one year after the family business pivoted away from farming.”

The land swaps between the congressman and his brother Chad Comer occurred months after their father died in January 2019 without leaving a will, and the siblings set about dividing up his properties in Kentucky and Tennessee in a series of complicated transactions sometimes involving a shell company they set up.

And to be clear - this is mostly just funny because the amount is the same, and shell companies are involved.

The point is, families with means do stuff like this - they lend significant amounts, they split up assets, they pay each other back…

I’m not crazy about the idea that a member of the Ag committee was running a farm though.

The IRS doesn’t control transactions. Nor does it audit them. Their sole responsibility is ascension to wealth aka taxes on income

Right, it would be much better to have some some dumbass who never grew a potted plant in there.


Why not divest or blind trust to avoid conflict of interest?

That’s true but he must account for his income and expenses to the IRS that result in what taxes are owed. They then have the right to audit them.

Divest? :rofl:

Why not protect the farmers who elected him?

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This is going to be like Whitewater, cycling through Republicans to keep having their own sensual imbroglios coming to the fore before settling on Coach Hastert, who went to prison for being a grooming pervert.

Comer is dumb enough to be doing this.

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If he enriched himself because of laws he made like Pelosi I would agree with you. But that doesn’t seem to be the accusation. God forbid we have someone like Cortez or name your GOP rep on it. She probably thinks meat just magicaly shows up at store.


Everyone…this is the weaponized media, fighting back because Comer is closing in on the Biden family corruption and nothing more. It’s sheople food to get you to regurgibleat…Comer baaa, baaa, baaad. The question to ask the person looking back at you in the mirror is, is it working? Let’s hear what Hunter and James have to say under oath? Hell…according to 51 retired “intelligence” officers, the laptop was most likely Russian disinformation. How truthful was that?

DC is corrupt my friends and there’s a new force in our government that’s addressing this. Do I fully trust them? No…but it sure appears to be a step in the right direction and I give Trump and his MAGA movement the credit that’s given them the guts to do it.


Comers witnesses sure say different things under oath lol.

It’s amazing that this story just came out and you’ve already vetted and rejected it. That’s some fast detective work, Columbo!

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Presumption of innocence is only for the cool kids

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Maybe because it is recognized as what it is.


Yes, blind partisanship.

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Yeah the Biden investigation is totally not about squirrels.

You know what funny…there were actually real property involved here. One that was family farm.

So what were the Biden’s involvements?

Nice try OP.