Colorado courting disney

Nobody is going to Colorado ■■■■■■■ your weather doesn’t fit the year round climate.
Disney made their bones playing politics and allowing an inept media to shape their narrative. Florida parents reserve the right to raise their children as they see fit and the Florida legislature and the governor agree. If Disney wants to be a political activist group, why should they enjoy preferential tax benefits?
■■■■ em

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IMO it’s a bad precedent to take state action against a corporation for taking a certain ideological or partisan view. Private boycotts, fine, but a state should be neutral.
Not that special benefits should be given to Disney, but they are being removed for the wrong reasons.
This sort of thing can be used both ways.


Agreed, but in Disney’s case, they’ve enjoyed tax preference in the state of Florida. To insert themselves into a biased lib agenda criticizing the Florida state legislatures actions and the Governors positions with respect to parents rights? Have they even read the new law? Who the ■■■■ does Disney think spends their money at the Orlando attractions?

What percentage of the total annual visitors to Disney World do you think live in Florida?


If this goes through, Desantis is forcing Orange and Osceola taxpayers to assume a $2 Billion debt. Not only that, those counties will now have to assume responsibilities, for EMS, fire, garbage, road work, etc and everything else that Disney took over. This will cost taxpayers another $10 Million per year.

Desantis is literally going to raise my taxes because a company said something he didn’t like. How is this not unconstitutional? The government retaliating because someone excercised their first amendment rights?


Perhaps DeSantis wants it in the courts. He might think that the publicity is good for his run for POTUS.


It 100% is. It’s all meat to his Presidential run. He is now threatening Twitter, because Twitter is fighting Musk takeover.

It’s all prepwork, and he is going hard into the culture war to solidify his base.

More than you might suspect. We get better ticket prices.

I wonder how many Desantis groupies realize if Disney gets stripped of their special status, taxpayers are going to be on the hook for about $2,200 a household?

But they’ll be sticking it to Woke Disney…so it will be worth it.


That said, DeSantis is being a complete jackass and a revengeful punk.

Just like his mentor.

It will be interesting to se if Disney takes those discounts away.

Ha. Now THAT might tick some people off lol.

Do you know how many private corps enjoy state tax preferential treatment. has to be thousands.

Do it to disney, do it amazon, exxon, and everyone else…

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Seems to me Disney makes out better in the end.

Surrounding taxpayers pay for their fire, and EMS, and water, and sewage…sure they will have to pay some property tax, but in the long run, I net they make out better.

They will need to wait till global warming takes away the winters in Colorado, there is a reason Disney is in L.A. and Orlando and not Boston.

They’ll just blame Biden for when their taxes go up.


I presume they would bill Disney for any services, just as I receive utility bills.

It won’t happen and he will cruise to victory for governor this November but this is what loss of momentum could potentially look like for him. Go ahead lose central Florida….

But again won’t happen. This has all the feelings of a stunt that’s going to get scrapped right before he signs it or a permanent stay that never gets vacated….

Wait… are you saying that this could all be performative?


Just like Major League Baseball and Atlanta and the all star game last year. :man_shrugging:

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