College Admission Scandal


I’m just not sure it’s shocking is all. There’s some absolutely ■■■■■■ people out there, but it becomes a whole 'nother monster when ■■■■■■ people have funding.


Usually kids are 17 or 18 when applying to colleges.

According to the prosecutor some kids were completely unaware. I assume some definitely knew - especially those who got in through the sports angle - since they had to “drop” the sport once on campus.

I also assume that those admitted and now attending will be told to leave - even if they didn’t know, because their acceptance was based on fraudulent information.


I agree.


Some more details.


Ya…theres gotta be some additional pay off down the line. $1.2mil is a crap ton of money.


The rich class struggle so much with taxes they $1million to burn just get their kids into college


Not to those colleges. It’s a pittance. To get accepted through donation via development office one’s donation has to be many times that amount.
Like over $50 million.


I took it that he was referring to the payoff to the parents or the kid or the family… Maybe the esteem of a successful kid is worth a million to the parents. (Or the absence of disappointment.)

And that’s where I was going with my post as well.

I can’t imagine a million bucks worth of advantage to any kid who got a degree from USC versus Univ of Cal at Lower Podunk though.


Apparently in SoCal USC is considered a “status” school.

The one school implicated, that makes no sense to me is University of San Diego. It’s deginitely the outlier of the group.

They accept over half who apply and ACT scores needed are significantly lower than the other schools implicated.

Undergraduate tuition and fees: 44,586 USD (2016–17)
Typical ACT scores: 26-30 (2016–17)


I’ve been reading the tweets of this Felicity gal. What an eye opener. She has tweets talking about the water used if people wash a single spoon then a tweet gloating over a dress she wore to an award ceremony that required 200hrs of bead work to acquire the awesome sparkle. So out of touch. The elite liberals telling everyone else how to live and unable to look at their own hypocrisy.


Agreed. But on another thread Marky was saying there were no other factors in Trump’s admission to college because the colleges were just happy to be getting a student who could pay full tuition.

There is no doubt that rich people benefit when it comes time to send their kids to college.


Elite leftists on “chain gang” parade! :joy:


And, as I’m sure you know, he is wrong.

Do they like full pay kids? Definitely. But your kid still needs to have the stats and ec’s to get accepted. And many times that is still not enough to get into the elite schools - which have acceptance rates in the low single digits. They reject thousands and thousands of full pay with greart stats kids every year.

The colleges also don’t want a student body made up solely of rich kids. And kids don’t want to go to colleges where everyone is the same, either.


Are you sure all of the people arrested are liberals?


Looking at the list of people and their professions, I’d say it’s just a mix of all ideologies. Wealthy is what ties them together.


It’s funny, because a lot of the people charged are CEO’s who make gobs of money. Imo, those are generally people who vote Republican because of taxes.

But, no one can know for sure because most of the people none of us ever heard of before - besides the two actors on the list.


All those other people are so grateful there are 2 actresses involved…:rofl:




It does show that ideologues of both sides are equally corrupt, so neither side has standing to criticize the other.


If 1.2 million is the price tag, the kid would still make many more times over that in their career, provided this is a plan to start them off at 6 figures a year after graduation. Otherwise, I don’t see the point either, especially if they’re too stupid to get in on their own in the first place.