College Admission Scandal


50 charged so far - including actors, CEO’s - even a partner and Chairman of white shoe law firm. Also several college athletic coaches.

Copy of Indictment included in the article.


I find it crazy that being wildly wealthy isn’t enough for some people.


They all should have just chosen Trump U


Its not for me…


Honestly this type of thing has been going on for decades.


Am I entirely too jaded that I’m surprised this is a scandal? Of COURSE the wealthy are going to use ways to get their kids admitted that aren’t available to those with lesser means.


I thought it was interesting that this all started from a tip that was offered from a person being interviewed on a totally separate case. The FBI/IRS got lucky on this one.


The scandal is that this was leaked and the hoi polloi found out about it.


Well, it’s not just a scandal. It was illegal stuff.

There are other legal ways the wealthy have of getting their kids into college.


Yes, this kind of thing is usually legal and right out in the open.


Wow. I didn’t know this was illegal


Back in the day, if my parents were nervous about me not scoring well on the SAT or ACT they would have got me Tutors and make me study my butt off. I wonder how dumb these kids were that they had to go to the lengths of even changing the test answers.


What about this did you think was legal?


Well one of the dummies was at a 1000 PSAT.

If your parents have an 8 figure checking account and you’re rocking 50th percentile, you’re straight up dumb.


I was ignorant to the point that I thought rich people didn’t even need to put this much effort in.

I assumed they just donate to the alumni association and the kid automatically gets in. Or if they’re famous enough, just shake some hands.


That kind of stuff is out in the open.

This stuff involved cheating, fraud, and bribery.


That happened at my high school. There was a guy there who was a so-so student. But both his parents were doctors and Stanford alumni. So we were not that shocked when he got accepted to Stanford.


Yes. Children of alumni get extra points in the admission process. Out in the open, not illegal.


400,000 for a soccer scholarship for a kid who doesn’t even play soccer.


Nothing will happen to these idiots, just a slap on the wrist, but voting while on probation? That’ll get you five years in prison.