College Admission Scandal


Loving this previous tweet from Felicity Huffman


Stories like this don’t help arguments against taxing the rich.


The thing to take away here is that many parents cannot accept the fact that their kid is as dumb as a box of rocks, or at the very least, merely average.

Something that extends beyond the rich. Many middle class families cannot accept the fact that their child is less than gifted.

The rich merely had the MEANS to engage in this behavior. Many middle class families might like to try it, but simply lack the means to pull it off.


Wow, this scandal has nasty written all over it. Parents shouldn’t cheat to get their child ahead in life. They should be hiring tutors, getting study books, pushing their kids to study. I wonder what will happen to the kids now that they’ve already been admitted by bribery? Will their acceptance be voided? What is going to happen to their futures? They are kind of caught in the middle in all of this.

(And I do myself in by saying this, being a rich kid and all. People should WORK for their accomplishments, not take that chance from someone else. I mean, the arrogance of the parents in all of this…and what’s more, is the kids likely aren’t going to appreciate it because they didn’t work for it).


Why couldn’t they be happy with a trade school? Maybe these kids aren’t college material, but they would excel at a trade. And that’s an unsaturated market, so they would have a lot of potential there. Not everyone can or should go to a university…a career should be something that you’re passionate about, and that you can make money with.


^Now this is how one parents. Kudos.


Just more evidence that just because you are rich doesn’t mean you work harder or smarter than anyone else. Sometimes youre just privileged


What I don’t get is the kind of money being passed around could have gotten these kids tuition at the Ivy League school of their choice.

One parent paid $250,000 each to get their kid into USC…you could have just straight up gotten your kid into Harvard or Cornell with that kind of money. And those are way better schools than USC. WHY?


No. There’s no way those kids would have gotten admitted into those schools. The Ivy schools are highly selective.


Forget appreciating it, what do you think is going to happen to the kid when he finds out later on he’s on the opposite end of the Albert Einstein scale?

I can tell you straight up that’s going to lead to the kid being super depressed, possibly getting into some kind of drugs (like heroin), or maybe committing suicide.

Stuff like this is straight up child abuse…and these parents need to be called out on it.


Cornell ain’t that selective. See Ann Coulter vs Keith Olbermann for details. :rofl:


They would have been better of putting the millions in a trust fund and sending them to a community college.


No need to punitively tax it, people like this will just fritter it away, benefiting you and me in their downfall.


They dont have too, they just have to find actual legal ways to do the same thing they tried to do illegally. Its been done well in the past.

Strange all of the sudden this is some big new revelation. Privilege has always been around. Seems like a tipping point got tripped and someone started to notice.


Don’t know about Coulter, but Olbermann is definitely book smart. The guy knows more about baseball than almost every person on the planet.


This ^^

Somebody paid 1.2 million to the illegal scheme to get a kid into one of these schools. Seems to me if that same person approached the school and offered a 1.2 million endowment, the kid would have strolled into school through fully legal means.

But 1.2 million to get a kid into college? (Whether through legal means, or illegal…) That’s what I don’t get.


This, in itself, is somewhat of a scandal. (Somewhat.) By and large, yes. SAT and ACT scores can be more about knowing HOW to take the test rather than knowing what is actually on the test.


The daughter of one of the elite Hollywood hypocrite actresses, has a you tube channel doing makeup and clothing tutorials. She has 2 million subscribers. She has her own line of makeup pallets. She never wanted to go to college. Spoiled to the core. It was about the parents need for her to go to college. Another “star” mother has a tweet holding a sign that reads " brains are the new breasts". The word really used was a substitute for the word breasts. Begins with a T. She was supporting education for girls. Nice mom.


Proof positive that not everyone wants to attend college, nor is fit to go. It’s time to focus, IMO, more on learning a trade.

Some reap the benefits of a college education. But many others regret going, citing underemployment—most of the time not in the field they majored—and massive student debts.

Forget college.

Forget these entitlement minded (expletive) celebrities.

I won’t be watching any more of their performances.


I don’t get the numbskull parents’ desire to not only get their offspring into college, but in some instances get them onto a sports team.

One wanted her daughter on the crew team even though the girl never learned rowing. That’ll work out great for everyone.

The brats are entitled to a sport, too?! Nope.