Cohen taped Trump talking about paying off a playboy model

I am sure this will hit everyone who thought Trump was a choir boy pretty hard. There must be a few such people out there.

He’s the stare decisis

I agree. Most definitely.

Defense of what?

Funny how cons no longer care that their president lies to them and has affairs. You guys are so principled!!

It’s not bad in any way.

Ya but what kind of mustard did Trump use today?

Not like you ever defend Trump or anything.

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Remember when Obama banged a pornstar and paid her off, and lied about it, and cons were like…mehhhh

Good. Transparency in governm… oh wait, he wasn’t in government was he?

I think baron was.


I can’t help you, man. You’re gaslighting yourself.

I think that’s going to be one of the defences, yeah.

Might get trickier if he kept up the pay-offs after the election, or campaign money gets involved somehow.

With Trump the question is “Viagra or Cialis?”

Trump is not “the cons” president. He’s the US President.

I’d say the exact same thing if it was you.

That’s a funny semantic wankery way of defending Trump

Paying for ■■■■■ = Got Game to some I suppose…

Artificial insemination?