Cohen taped Trump talking about paying off a playboy model

Wonder how many other tapes Cohen has in his backpocket.


Though to be fair Cohen doesn’t really have the tapes anymore. The FBI does.



Imagine that. Trump lied to us again.

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Also: LOL Giuliani.

“In the big scheme of things, it’s powerful exculpatory evidence,” Mr. Giuliani said.

Conservative America making excuses for their standard bearer blatantly lying to them - Part 9,531


Boy oh boy oh boy! We got ol Trumpy now! He’s a goner! By bye El Trumpo! Down with Trump and UP with Grandmother! Whoopee!



Don’t worry, i’m sure this particular instance of epic incompetence on Cohens part isn’t some flashing warning sign that the Presidents personal lawyer of 10 odd years is a chronic ■■■■ up.

No one said that in relation to this. This is just another example of the scumbag in office who uses money to pay for cover-ups with his extra-marital affairs with women. Such a proud man that people should look up to.

In all seriousness it’s the feeble FBI that’s the foul up. Seizing records from a lawyer? Really?

Not that I’m all happy crappy about lawyers…but they screwed the pooch with that bonehead. Anything less than murder on tape and they got zilcho on Cohen…or anyone else. They made a BAD play.

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It’s fine.

There’s no way Cohen secretly recorded more than just the one incriminating conversation with his client. No way.

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He probably was playing around with a new recording device and accidentally hit play. Mistakes happen all of the time.

Nah they handed all the evidence over to a special master, who promptly went through it to check for attorney-client privilege conflicts.

Turns out Cohen didn’t do all that much lawyering. But he did a LOT of record-keeping.

How many decent lawyers do you think secretly record conversations with their clients, Oldtimer?

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I confess I do not know. Not my bailiwick. Still, they overstepped. Big time. I’m sure the trumphaters frightened and or po’ed a lot of lawyers who hate Trump. It was that bad. Lawyering is an exclusive club.

Nope. Being a lawyer isn’t some magic spell of protection, just because you claim something is under attorney-client privilege doesn’t make it so.

And zero. Zero good or even half-way reputable lawyers record incriminating conversations with their client.

That’s what a crook does.

Exactly. And like this tape, the FBI now has everything too.

A lawyer with only 3 clients, and it’s a stretch (or is it?) to include Sean Hannity as a Cohen client.

That’s the point. He’s a fixer, not a lawyer. The tiny amount of privileged communications that Cohen actually had shows he didn’t do much lawyerin’. He did a lot more fixin’.

If you think everything that is said between Trump and Cohen is privileged then that could be part of the problem

It doesn’t matter. You think the slavering empty headed neanderthals who worship Trump are going to care about this when they can’t be bothered to care about Trump going before the world and then kowtowing to Russia? You think this will be a deal breaker when Trump went out and said “Nazis were fine people” and none of them cared?

Trumpers are all craven and immoral. This affects nothing.

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I condemned Clinton when he had all his extramarital affairs, then lied about it while in office.

I also condemn Trump for lying about his extramarital affairs and then lying about it.

I’m eagerly awaiting all my fellow conservatives who will do likewise.

It should be interesting to see how many conservative converts to Trumpism actually act in a consistent manner.


Trump’s comment about not losing voters if he shot someone on 5th Avenue rings never truer.

He could actually murder someone on 5th avenue and the same Trump defenders here would still defend and worship him. Its downright scary the level of cultism.

Good luck waiting.

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