Cohen taped Trump talking about paying off a playboy model

I can help you. Be a man.

He’s all of Americas President.


Nahhh. Once a year maybe, once she’s gotten wasted enough.

But hey if it works for the both of them, why not.

I agree. Campaign money especially.

I don’t know, he’s pretty disgusting.

Paying for sex makes him a John nonetheless. Irrelevant how high priced the lady might be.


If by “they” you mean Cohen’s legal team, then what “just desserts” should they get. The recording was theirs to do what they wanted with it.

He paid for discretion, wasted his money because he’s a fool. He should have put up billboards.

It’s just sex.

We can edit now my friend.

A beautiful picture of the US President with his wife, daughter and mistress.


Why are you criticizing a contractual relationship between two consenting adults, prude?

I thought you were a conservative.

:rofl::rofl: great job. Trump! Trump! And the ■■■■■■■■■■■■!

I’m sure you understand more about the law than the Department of Justice, smart guy.

Such a disgusting scumbag pig.

He just can’t believe that someone who he has treated like garbage for most of their relationship would turn on him after recognizing finally that there is zero return of loyalty from him? I know it has been said before, but Trump is truly a moron.

I don’t know how this ride is going to ultimately end, but it’s been real fun so far.

He’s the kind of great deal maker that pays full price for a used car because the salesman told him he seemed like a classy guy.

I wonder if there’s a tape of trump agreeing to pay for an abortion.

It wont matter to true trumplstiltskins. Curious if he speaks as to where the money will come from.


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