CNN SNOWFLAKE: April Ryan Says Jim Acosta’s ‘LIFE IN JEOPARDY’ at Trump Rally | Sean Hannity

CNN’s April Ryan doubled-down on the defense of her network’s senior White House correspondent Thursday night, saying Jim Acosta’s “life was in jeopardy” at a recent Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.

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That’s hilarious… They are not violent leftists as we saw in Chicago, or the shooting of a rep congressmen or any antifa rally…

Sorry to tell you April. His life was in no danger from conservatives at the rally. Now if it had been a liberal rally, he’d already be dead.

This guy must go…into acting! He acts all wounded yet in reality he is quite the sly one. The angry crowd he speaks of makes me laugh… um no, just folks who are tired of the spin of this guy and CNN has dished out for way too long. The truth hurts …you, part of the problem… cause the commotion then cry about it. Our President has called you out since the campaign days at each rally and the people who turn to look at the cameras and find you in person actually at one… only grandstanding with the concerned sad look on your face loving the cameras on you hoping to cause people to feel sorry for Lil Jimmy…You caused only laughter why? Just the fact that you acted concerned and hurtm fake…so fake. These people wont act violent and you know it…but what they will do is continue to call you out for as long as it takes. Tired of the disrespect fake news! Go away Jim A’costa!

The thing that seems to continue to get missed here is: Jim Acosta is accosting. CNN is a problem, clearly, but ejecting Jim Acosta because he’s biased and belligerent is fine. If CNN wants to send an unbiased, nonpartisan “journalist” to do WH Q&A, then fine. This is not discriminating against CNN, this is removing Left Liberal Jim Acosta from the spotlight he dearly loves to cast his spin. Just get another meaningless “journalist” to fill his seat. If news is honest and ‘FAIR’ as he says, then the ‘journalist’ doesn’t really matter, does it? So, why is Jim Acosta relevant? Exactly. Not.

what a world class uber-puss

Doesn’t surprise me at all.

me neither! but then Acosta loves to play the victim so it’s no surprise he’s pretending he was in peril

He probably got his instructions this week from valerie Jarrett and is simply playing the part of blowhard/victim because he’s typecast.

I’d be willing to bet there’s communication from someone up the line telling him to do this.

My friend Jeff retweeted this,

JIM ACOSTA Is Not a News Journalist
He Is a Collective Propagandist & Agitator
His Job Is To Distort Truth, Disrupt, & Lie
We’re Sick of Seeing Him Whine
Time To Ban Despicable Jimmy
From The White House Press

And this one is from James Woods

Final thought of the day: it’s late, I’m going to sleep, and I can’t stop laughing picturing @PressSec hopping down from the podium and giving whiny ### @Acosta a mega wedgie. A real nut cracker wedgie. Oddly enough I believe it would do the country good. #AcostaWedgieForAmerica

This important breaking news story has been updated and simplified elsewhere on here by MrOT3.0. Read and weep aloud for the palsy NINO (News In Name Only) Jim Acaca. Pitiful. Where is the humanity!@ Mr. Hannity?

Acosta is a MALICOEN!!!

CNN = Communist News Network. When we study history we see what happened prior to communist take overs in Russia, China and Germany. The media was used to spread false propaganda to brain wash those that would listen to their daily lies. The problem is, our so called educators, pubic schools and colleges, the majority of them have been infiltrated with communist agenda thinkers or N.W.O. elitists.

Jim Acosta and his RUDE and IGNORANT employer, Crap News Network have brought any problems they are receiving because of their lies and fake news reporting. I would love to see a Megellanic libel suit against them.

The First Amendment does not protect reporting of a libelous nature. Bearing false witness is never acceptable under any law other than SHARIA Law.

Snowflakes cannot take care of themselves but they can dish out trouble. Notice that she states that this is just her “opinion” and not based on any facts - damn - these snowflakes are melting at at rapid rate . . .

I think it’s time these 2 so called journalist wanna bees need to be removed from the briefing permanently. Their life could be in danger. Ya think?

She is so full of crap it’s amazing. Maybe if they would try to act like a reporter instead of a pundit people would think a little better of them. But their actions is what’s causing the problem. Do you think they might figure that out? I doubt it.