CNN settles with Sandman

Covington Catholic High School Student Nick Sandmann has settled with CNN in his $250 million dollar defamation lawsuit.

A lawyer for Sandmann declined to comment on the settlement but confirmed to Fox News that lawsuits against The Washington Post and NBC were ongoing. Fox 19 also reported that Sandmann attorney L. Lin Wood told the judge they planned to sue media company Gannett within 60 days. Gannett did not immediately comment either.

See this is how it’s done. Reports that it’s settled, you contact someone who would know.

Unfortuantly since the kid was wearing a MAGA hat, the lamestream meadia took the video (even though later it was learned it was out of context) at face value. The lamestream media SHOULD have made contact with the kid, his family, or school officials who were there to find out BOTH sides of the story.

we have taken steps to address the concerns expressed to us. The full story did not emerge all at once and throughout our coverage, we sought to produce accurate reports.

Steps they SHOULD take is to inverview people who were actually at the location.

Do I think Sandman got anywhere near the 250 mil he wanted. Doubtful. It was a bean counter and an attorney who sat down and said we can make this go away for x amount. My guess is somewhere between 2 and 10 million.

And now if we use the logic many liberals have used on Trump and Trump U. CNN is guilty because they settled. Am I right people?


I seen that. Now CNN is one of three. Depending on strength of the case will no doubt depends on how much he got. Would be interesting to know. Makes it all more likelihood that other 2 news source settling too.

Nice touch at the end…throw libs talking points right back at em. :sunglasses:

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Yup. If Trump was guilty of fraud, then CNN is guilty of defamation.

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Sandman supermodel payday. That was only his personal claim settlement. More settlements to follow.

Tuppence ha’penny would have been the appropriate settlement amount.

A non sequitur of the highest order.

So you disagree that CNN setteling is the same as Trump Setteling?


Eitehr CNN is as guilty as Trump . . . or Trump is as innocent as CNN.

Take you choice West.

The NFL settled with Kaepernick. Do you think they are guilty or innocent?

You answer first. Is CNN guilty like Trump?

Yes. Absolutely. CNN ran with a narrative before they had the facts. They wanted to be “first” and got ahead of themselves. Now it has cost them. Possibly millions!

I haven’t seen any evidence they were guilty of colluding outside of Kap not having a job. Yet, even after settling he STILL doesn’t have a job and he’s not pursuing further legal action. If they were guilty, it doesn’t seem to matter much.

Good, Fake news as we all know. They push conspiracy theories and hoax’s. Seems much of their audience loves to be lied too…

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Correct. They are guilty.

Or I can say they are independent events and one has no relevance to the other.

100% right

NFL sucks butt for catering to that Commie boot licker.

Thanks for your insightful and intelligent reply.

Glad I could enlighten you!

WaPo just settled with Sandmann too

250 million.

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